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Avoid the snowball effect

March 28, 2011


Sometimes we want the snowball effect. Warren Buffet is notorious for looking at investments as potential snowballs, using compound interest to his advantage. Many times people looking to lose weight just need to see any progress. Then once they see progress, this reaffirms what they are doing is working, so they continue doing it, thus […]

It’s all about portion control, right?

March 20, 2011


You hear this all the time. “How do I lose weight?” “Just cut back on your portions.” And this works, oh, about one out of never times. Portion control is one of those things that sounds great but when put into practice consistently fails. But portion control works for you, you say. You lost X […]

Get unbalanced to get healthy

March 20, 2011


Client: Why do they still act up? They’ll get better but then they’ll feel bad again. I thought walking through the pain would help get them stronger and build them up? The above question is from a pretty new client who has had chronic knee pain for years. Since beginning training her knees have been […]

It all depends on you

March 14, 2011


How much should I eat each day? It depends Should I do cardio before or after lifting? It depends How often should I come to the gym? It depends How many days per week should I lift? It depends Should I eat [insert food item here]? It depends Should I use x,y, or z machine? […]