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Technique, technique, technique

April 22, 2011


Every exercise – or movement for that matter – you do is a chance to work on the pain you may be suffering from. Quick way to illustrate this point: Below is a video of a client doing a plank. This client has had on and off foot pain for the past year or so. […]

Which calorie counter should you use?

April 18, 2011


One of the first things to do when you are looking to lose weight is to start getting a handle on how many calories you are eating each day. There are a few ways to do this: keep a mental note throughout the day (horrible idea for most people), write things down on paper as […]

Hate breakfast? Who cares?

April 10, 2011


One common perception amongst people who are embarking on a new kind of eating plan or some kind of lifestyle change is that they have to eat breakfast. That is, if they don’t eat breakfast, they will die. Ok, maybe it’s not that extreme, but new dieters seem to have had, “You must eat breakfast […]