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3 tips on how to use calorie counters

May 30, 2011


I wrote a post on free calorie counters a little while ago and I wanted to expound some more thoughts on the topic. I’ve been following my clients on myfitnesspal for a decent amount of time now and here are some things I’ve noticed: 1) Don’t half ass it If you are going to use […]

Age is not an excuse

May 20, 2011


I swear I hear something about my age at least once a week. Once I graduated college and moved out to San Diego somehow it just happened that I went from primarily hanging out with people who were the same age as me to where now I am around people who are primarily older than […]

Interesting reads

May 19, 2011


Check these out: Patients, beware of wrong-side surgeries -Most people seem to have the belief that surgery should always be the last resort, however, in my experience people (very) often don’t practice this belief. Well, this article further reaffirms how seriously people should take having surgery. Cutting open your body is ALWAYS a risk. I […]

Videos of clients gettin’ down

May 19, 2011


Here a couple recent videos of clients gettin’ down! . Firefighter training: . Bigger booty training: