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Push-ups for boobies

October 31, 2011


This past weekend I held an impromptu open gym at the Escondido Snap Fitness with my clients for breast cancer. It was meant to be a laid back morning where some clients could meet each other for the first time, raise some money for charity, and get a workout in. To add a little fun, […]

How to feed the world

October 27, 2011


Apparently our species will hit 7 billion people on October 31st. Many are talking about the challenges that presents. One I see regularly coming up is how we’re going to feed everyone. Apparently 1 billion people are already suffering from chronic hunger, so obviously the thinking goes with more people it’s going to be harder […]

Some thoughts on hip flexion strength and knee pain

October 26, 2011


Mike Reinold ran a post about the importance of hip flexion strength when it comes to knee pain. He mentions hip flexion strength is often lacking in people with patellofemoral pain (knee cap pain) issues and how to assess hip flexion strength. I want to expound on this and talk about how to strengthen the hip […]

Interesting reads

October 18, 2011


Fell way behind this but got a bunch of really cool stuff to check out: 6 Most Horrifying Things the Food Industry is Feeding You  For Older Women, Year Following Hip Fracture can be Especially Deadly -I remember a professor in college talking about how hip fractures are a huge, untalked cause of death in the […]

Does the difference matter?

October 18, 2011


I was listening to a lecture by Stanford professor Robert Sapolsky on human behavior. He was talking about a fascinating study showing first born children have a higher IQ than their younger siblings. (For those interested in the lecture look up Sapolsky on iTunes University.) Sapolsky proceeds to ask the class what could explain this […]

Should you take ibuprofen for an injury?

October 14, 2011


Toxicology is definitely not something I know much about. I had no idea how deep of a topic this was before I started researching it. So keep in mind I could be misinterpretating some things, but I’m going to try and give as clear of a picture as I can so you can avoid the […]

You muscles can’t always be balanced

October 12, 2011


Thomas Myers wrote up a post on symmetry I wanted to expound on a bit. The more you learn about alleviating joint pain, the more you realize the name of the game typically revolves around symmetry / balance. Balance of muscle length and strength, to be specific.  Meaning it’s more likely a joint will feel […]

Strained muscle? What to do?

October 4, 2011


Sarah asked a question in the comments of my recent post on icing an injury. I thought I’d make a post of my answer: “So you’re saying ice is a personal choice, though not recommended for those with hypertension. Huh. Ok, so basically see how you feel after icing an injury. What are some things […]