How to tone your arms aka Welcome to the Gun Show

Posted on November 3, 2011


I wanted to highlight one of my client’s progress as of late:

Nancy has been training with me for about 10 months now, although I’ve been trying to get her to let me put pictures on here for months!

best way to tone your arms

Before photo

She’s been able to do a couple cool things as of late such as push-ups for the first time:


She is also in the race to be my first girl chin-upper and is ohhhh so close to it. Just needs a little more range of motion at the bottom:


Then, through some sensible eating strategies, such as a weekly cheat day allowing her to indulge in her rice crispy love affair, she’s lost nearly 20lbs too.

girl push-ups girl chin-ups

20lbs and many push-ups and chin-ups later

As you can tell from the above videos, Nancy has not been doing any of the classical “toning” crap. She has been doing plenty of exercises below 10 reps and the lifting of any pink dumbbells is no where to be found.

how to tone arms women

Another before photo

Toning arms

She’s always showing off the pipes these days

Congratulations on all your progress so far Nancy, you look great!














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