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How your environment makes you overeat, how men and women are different with food, and how to get your bartender to give you more alcohol

January 30, 2012


-Update 10/1/2018: The author of Mindless Eating has engaged in some terrible research practices. Please read this. I recently read Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think and thought I would post my notes. I highlighted various quotes and added commentary. I’ve posted an interview with Brian Wansink (the author) before: “How external cues make us […]

Interesting reads

January 26, 2012


Are your shoes killing you? -This just in, high heels are uncomfortable and aren’t good for your feet. The inefficiency of local food -For all the organic zealots out there. The smokers’ surcharge -Awesome idea. Going on a diet? Start paying in cash -Another little way your environment can influence how much you eat. From 234 lbs […]

ACL and meniscus rehab days 22-28 (week 4)

January 26, 2012


Week 4 was a pretty quiet week. Not a whole lot changed from week 3. I used a little more weight and went a little bit longer on the elliptical. Also, the proprioception exercises got harder.   Post-op Day 22-28 (Week 4) Routine schedule: Day 22: ROM, Proprioception, Strength Day 23: ROM, Conditioning, Proprioception Day 24: ROM, Proprioception, […]

Example of impaired movement causing lower back pain

January 19, 2012


I’ve written about how impaired movement can cause shoulder pain here and here. Time for an example of poor movement causing lower back pain. When Michelle started with me she had been out of work for a year due to her debilitating lower back pain. She could barely stand. In just about every case of […]

ACL and meniscus repair surgery physical therapy days 16-21 (week 3)

January 19, 2012


Week 3 was a big week. Definitely one of those “turning a corner” phases. Week 3 was the first time I got in the pool, first time on the elliptical for a meaningful duration, first time I added weight to the strengthening exercises, and the first time I walked! As I mentioned, days 11-14 got […]

ACL and meniscus repair rehab: Days 12-15

January 13, 2012


This was originally supposed to be days 11-14, however, I wasn’t able to see my surgeon until day 12. Thus, this turned into days 12-15. Day 12 brought about some big changes in the rehab. Most noticeably the ability to BEND MY DAMN LEG! I had some x-rays taken to examine the reconstruction and make […]

What’s the deal with eggs and high cholesterol?

January 9, 2012


This is covered ad nauseam on the internet. Therefore, I’m not going to go into a ton of detail. I’m going to try and present a few useful guidelines for eggs and cholesterol in your diet. Like many things on the internet, this is only discussed in extremes. The first: “OH MY GOD NEVER TOUCH […]

Reconstructive ACL and meniscus repair surgery: Physical therapy days 2-11

January 6, 2012


I’m now a couple weeks out from my reconstructive ACL and meniscus repair surgery. I wrote what I did the day of the surgery here. Next up is what days 2 through 11 looked like. The bold indicates something that changed from day 1. Changes include weight bearing as tolerated up to 50%, the inclusion […]