61 years old; pain free knees and feet

Posted on March 27, 2012


This is one of my prouder accomplishments as I still see Carol weekly (in passing) at the gym. Yet, I only worked with her for one hour. She deserves a lot of credit for being extremely diligent and consistent. And for those who are asking, yes, many people with flat feet can regain their arch(es).

Bolding is mine:

I have been free of knee and foot pain for almost two years after meeting with Brian ONE time.   I still am following his advice and, of course, following the exercise plan he recommended.

At the time I met Brian I was about 6 months post op for bilateral bunion surgery.   I am a Physical Education teacher and on my feet most of the day.   My knees and feet were painful and my feet were flat.  I saw a middle aged woman doing squats in the locker room. “I wish I could do that!” I remarked.  She said she had been working out with Brian for a year hoping to avoid bilateral knee replacements. She said she could now walk “… pain free.”  I said that is what I WANT!

I met with Brian and he did an assessment and then developed a plan.   He even provided videos of the exercises in an email.  It was suggested that I exercise without my shoes on the recumbent bike and that I not use the $400 inserts in my shoes.   I purchased some Nike free shoes too.  Within 6 weeks I had an arch in my foot again and the pain was MUCH less.  It took about 6 months for it to go away completely.

I am now 61 and still work as a Physical Education teacher and am PAIN FREE every day!  Thank you Brian!”

Carol Smock

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