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Ankle Mobility: Mobilizing the talus

September 20, 2012


When talking about ankle mobility, the main aspect is always increasing dorsiflexion. And this is for good reason. Dorsiflexion is one of those things a lot of people could use more of. Wearing heels or shoes with heel lifts (nearly every shoe people wear) can cause this lack of dorsiflexion. Watch how the achilles tendon […]

Another exercise for the subscapularis

September 9, 2012


My post¬†Best exercises for the subscapularis¬†is still one of the most popular things I’ve written. Read it, otherwise this post won’t make as much sense. Matt left a comment on that post: “I know this was posted a while back, however I am wondering if this could also be done laying on your back, the […]

My visit to the Washington University in St. Louis Physical Therapy Program

September 3, 2012


This turned into a behemoth of a post. I started writing this on the plane ride home and well, the cute girl next to me could only distract me so much. Next thing I know I had 15 pages. (Remember in college how you had trouble writing 10 pages, double spaced? Weird.) There is a […]