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Your couch – An unexpected source of lower back pain?

January 28, 2013


I mentioned in my list of injuries how I’ve hurt my lower back quite a few times. For the most part it doesn’t bother me, as long I take care of it. Like most people, I need to look out for things like twisting too much or leaning over improperly. If I avoid these things I’m […]

Cycling / clicking / sitting and knee pain

January 27, 2013


A question from an email: “Hi Brian, I just came across your excellent site with the post about ITB stretching. Thanks, I am just trying to digest all of the info now. Could I ask a question – what is the primary reason for knee cap clicking? I have two problems 1) ITB pain – […]

My list of injuries with some stories to go along

January 22, 2013


Last year I went on a vacation with some buddies and it was the first time we saw one another since turning 25. I remember talking to my friend Murph about this. Murph played high school football with me; he’s someone who was with me during many of these injuries. Me “How do you feel […]

“Getting your lady to train”

January 14, 2013


So I’m on facebook, stalking a hot girl (this is really my only use for facebook), and I come across this article 3 Steps to Getting Your Lady to Train. Upon seeing this I’m immediately giddy with excitement because 1) T-Nation provides endless entertainment and 2) I’m assuming this is going to be written by a […]