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Using the concept of antifragility with your exercise routine and health

August 29, 2013


I just got done reading the majority of the book Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder. I say the majority because while this book has some cool insights, it’s 433 pages, and probably could have been 100. This is not an easy read. The author, Nicholas Taleb, is a mathematician / statistician / whatever you want […]

6 Exercises to Loosen the IT Band

August 20, 2013


I’ve received a nice amount of traffic on this website for my post “The best damn IT band stretch.” In the comments of that post I’ve repeatedly mentioned it’s not the only stretch I use, how some people shouldn’t do it, and it’s not the only method of loosening the IT band. Rather than continue […]

Example of improving a low shoulder

August 18, 2013


I’ve written about the problems of a low shoulder here, here, here, and here.  I wanted to give a quick example of someone who corrected this issue. Here is Neal when he first started with me: And ~6 weeks later: That’s a fantastic change. Great job Neal. Keep up the good work. – Train with me. I […]

Why you are suddenly having pain now

August 16, 2013


Jon has always been an active guy. He played sports in high school, intramurals in college, regularly works out, has done a few 5ks, etc. During one of his runs he suddenly got some pain on the outside of his knee. Afterwards he iced it, took it easy for a bit, then went back to […]

16 ways training athletes is not like training regular people

August 12, 2013


A common theme in the fitness world is using athletes as examples. Pimping supplements they use, their exercise routines, some space age equipment, whatever it is. The implication being “X athlete does Y, if you use Y you can be like X.” As someone who started out in the exercise world with a huge emphasis […]

A different explanation for Adrian Peterson’s amazing ACL recovery

August 7, 2013


“Amazing.” “Unbelievable.” These are the words most often thrown around when discussing Adrian Peterson’s recovery from reconstructive ACL surgery. His own surgeon, James Andrews, doesn’t have an explanation for how he’s done it. Referring to him as “superhuman.” Andrews is pretty much a god in this world. By his own estimation about 50% NFL athletes who […]

How long does it take to get rid of chronic pain?

August 1, 2013


In the context of this post, chronic pain is musculoskeletal pain. Typical muscle or joint pain like your shoulder, lower back, knee, neck, etc. Simple way to think about this When you first start exercising you don’t expect your biceps to get bigger after one workout, or even a week of workouts. You understand it’s […]