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Making your (memory of your) workout more enjoyable

October 30, 2013


What would you rather do? Be in pain for 10 minutes, or be in pain for 20 minutes? Are you sure that’s your answer? – What you remember probably isn’t what you experienced Continuing with our 10 and 20 minute scenarios: Say you workout ridiculously hard for 10 minutes, or, you work out that hard […]

The biggest mistakes ACL patients make

October 23, 2013


It’s been almost two years since I had reconstructive ACL surgery. Between personal experience, those I’ve worked with, the emails and comments I’ve received, a few patterns have emerged as to what mistakes I see people making. – Lack of mental preparation Far and away the most common thing I get from people, post surgery, […]

Reversing an arthritic spine, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis? (How to decompress your spine.)

October 18, 2013


What are these things? Spinal stenosis, degenerative joint disease, spinal arthritis? – Degenerative joint disease / spine arthritis Degenerative joint means just how it sounds: The joint is breaking down. However, not all of the joint is breaking down. Let’s simplify what a joint is made of. 1) Some hard stuff 2) Some soft stuff. […]

A day with Tom Myers of Anatomy Trains

October 8, 2013


I recently went to a conference where Tom Myers of Anatomy Trains was presenting. I’ve written about him in my posts on tennis elbow, the importance of direction in manual therapy, stretching the IT band and hamstrings. I listened to him for 7 hours, so, I took a ton of notes. – Background This was not a personal training / physical therapy / […]