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The starting list to my learning list

May 28, 2014


I’ve received some emails asking for advice, congealing around: “There’s so much information out there, where do I start?” “How did you go about attaining your knowledge base?” “There’s a lot on your Recommended Learning page, what should I start with?” All the above deal with learning, but this post will be geared toward the last remark. […]

6 Weeks To A Healthy 10k

May 19, 2014


Background It’s ironic how an activity involving zero contact with another person is invariably the activity people get hurt most from. Often, the first thing people do when they want to get in shape is start running. Often, people are hurt not too soon after. Shin splints, foot issues, knee pain, hip problems, even lower […]

Is it ok to have a high BMI if it’s due to muscle?

May 9, 2014


One of the things I’ve long been skeptical of is the assailment of BMI. If you’re unfamiliar: Body Mass Index (BMI) is a simple, quick way to try and determine someone’s metabolic health. It uses two variables, your mass and height. Because the equation uses only your mass and height, it’s not telling you a […]

Which modern day athletes look the most like our ancestors? (On how we’re “supposed to move”)

May 2, 2014


In the paper From athletes to couch potatoes: humans through 6,000 years of farming, the structure of human bones was analyzed by Alison Macintosh. She looked at our bones starting ~7,300 years ago and ended with current students at the University of Cambridge. “Using a portable desktop 3D laser surface scanner to scan femora and tibiae, she […]