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A program for push-ups at 75 years old

August 28, 2014


More than any other exercise, push-ups are where people boast about their prowess. More than any other exercise, people’s form makes one’s eyes rather watch another minute of After Earth than watch them continue another rep. Ok, ok, to be fair. Will and Jaden have a lot on their plates. They’re busy being physicists and studying […]

Protected: Making Sitting More Knee Friendly

August 22, 2014

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How sitting kills you(r knees)

August 22, 2014


Preface: I decided to make this a non-technical post; I think that will be more impactful for this topic. For the biochemistry / biophysics inclined, I’m sure there are some details you’ll wish were in here. I included some references and words at the end to hopefully satisfy that desire. There’s been a nice wave […]

Don’t aspire to be the celebrity trainer

August 18, 2014


Too many personal trainers decide their industry is only for the upper class. I’m looking at you who charges $100 an hour. You, with your underhand grip, swirling your wine, bragging how aged it is; looking down at me for drinking PBR in a can. [1] You who charges teenagers and their parents close to […]