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Misunderstanding (femoral) adduction

January 28, 2015


Prefatory note Depending on your background, this may be one of those posts you have to slog your way through. (I know because writing it made me rethink how I felt about myself.) To some degree, it’s supposed to be. If you get lost at times, don’t feel bad. Especially if you’re lacking anatomy vernacular, […]

A word on Stuart Scott, and training sick people

January 14, 2015


I’ve sparsely watched Sports Center the last decade, as the show has slowly morphed into the same extremist, repeat the same segments every night, media that so much else is. Tom Brady is about to go to yet another AFC championship game, yet three months ago ESPN, because of one game, would have had you […]

Training the biceps when you have shoulder problems

January 9, 2015


A theme on this site throughout the years has been the need to train the upper body overhead. Especially for those with shoulder (and or neck) issues. I’ve covered the rationale behind this thoroughly in: A progression to lifting your arms overhead pain free Musings on scapular winging: Anatomy (muscular and nerve), causes and exercise considerations 3 […]