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A brief look at the relationship between energy usage and obesity

June 29, 2016


Using the CDC, we can see the obesity rate for each state in 2014. Using the U.S. Energy Information Administration we can see how much energy each state used for 2013. Using 2010 census data we can see the population of each state. If we divide the energy use per state by the amount of people per state, […]

Understanding the divergence between athletic and academic performance

June 27, 2016


I wrote a series called Rethinking youth fitness. One of the parts was When you’re getting good at sports, you’re not getting good at something else. We’re going to expound on that in a different way. I largely ignored research in the series. I want to take a look at one study to hammer this home some […]

Improving external rotation range of motion after shoulder surgery

June 20, 2016


An old client of mine hit me up again after having some shoulder issues. They had dislocated their shoulder three times. The most recent was from a trampoline incident in April of 2015. In May 2015 they had a Latarjet procedure. Video with some fantastic opera music if interested: -> By the way, a good […]

Some insights on fitness and health trackers- Helping? Hurting???

June 15, 2016


“An especially useful starting point for an aspiring healthcare company would be to think about ways to deliver a “positive good.”  Most contemporary medicine is generally regarded, economically, as a negative good – something we use or engage in because we have to, not because we especially want to.  While this creates a ready market, […]

Underappreciated benefits of playing sports at a young age (part 1)

June 13, 2016


I was surprised at the amount of positive feedback on my Rethinking youth activity series. That said, there’s no doubt the series can come across as putting sports in a negative light. I wanted to share some ways sports can be very beneficial. Benefits which consist of more than “teamwork.” I’m going to split this into parts as […]

Emptying out the mailbag and clearing the history #14

June 8, 2016


Other mailbags can be found here. Keep in mind a lot of this is email conversations, comment replies, or some random interesting things I’ve found. By their nature they are not as thorough or complete as a post on one topic. Here’s what’s covered in this installment: – Uhh, does Jeff Bezos read this site??? In Changing our energy […]

Being old doesn’t have to mean being slow

June 1, 2016


In the fitness world a couple physical qualities are focused on when it comes to aging. They tend to be strength and balance. A big reason for this is preventing falls. Stronger legs and better balance can hold a person up better. Simple enough. However, speed and reaction time tend to get ignored. This is despite many […]