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What’s up everyone,

My name is Brian Reddy and I am a personal trainer in Escondido, Ca., which is a little north of San Diego. For those in the area, the clients I have are primarily from North County such as San Marcos, Poway, Valley Center, Rancho Bernardo, Vista, and obviously Escondido.

For those not in the area, I work with people from all over the world remotely as well.

In terms of background, I have a degree in Exercise Science with a minor in Mathematics, from East Stroudsburg University. The Exercise Science degree gave me an academic background in everything you’d imagine it would: Exercise physiology, kinesiology, physics applied to exercise, biomechanics, nutrition (particularly sports nutrition), etc. The mathematics background got thrown in the mix due to factors nobody cares about. However, it’s proven useful in a myriad of ways. Such as having a different appreciation for physics and exercise, a better grasp of statistics when it comes to reading research, along with that whole analytical thinking thing.

My interest in a lot of this stuff started with sports. I played a bit of everything growing up. Eventually I focused on track (middle distance) and football, soon giving up track for the violent aspects of football. While in college I played football at a tiny division I school, Lafayette College, for two years.

With football comes the aspect of how big you are. Because of this my bodyweight has fluctuated quite a bit. Towards the end of high school I was about 190, and in college I got up to 235 lbs. (You can read more about this here.) This is where much of my interest in nutrition started. After two years of being heavier than I wanted, and exhausted from beating the shit out of my body, I had enough.

Due to all of the beating the shit out of my body, I got into anatomy, exercise, and all that at a very young age. (Well before college.) So, I’ve been involved in this stuff in some shape or form for about 20 years.

At the tail end of college I interned at Eric Cressey’s facility -Cressey Performance, dealing with a good amount of baseball players.

After that I started working with people full time and I have worked with, I don’t know, probably close to 300 at people at this stage.

When I first started working full time I happened to start in a gym where the clientele was primarily 40 years old and up. While my football background gave me solid grounding in dealing with beat up joints, this type of clientele forced me to get much better with injuries and everything else that comes with aging.

I’ve worked at everything from the huge commercial gym setting, to the 1500 square foot mom and pop gym. (Along with many who only exercise at home.) I actually first started exercising others in the form of a camp counselor. Contrary to what you may initially think, many adults do have things in common with 8-10 year old boys!

Continuing education wise I’ve been up to things like:

In terms of informal credentials, check out the Testimonials and Results page.

Since college I’ve continued to mess around with sports, albeit more in a recreational manner. Due to my background with overhead athletes, I actually got pretty into dodgeball for a while. Recently, I’ve picked up running again, like training for a 10k.

I also threw together a small fundraising effort for breast cancer a couple of times.

This site is primarily about musculoskeletal pain and weight-loss (moving better), with some performance notes thrown in. If some part of your body has been bothering you, or you’re looking to drop some weight, hopefully I’ll be of some service to you.

The other topic I’m often thinking about is beer. It’s a rare week I don’t visit at least one brewery.

Lastly, I’m from New Jersey. Apparently we are a tad blunt and curse, a lot.

These two posts are a pretty good intro into how I approach helping people:

Example of a postural assessment

Another example of a postural evaluation

For some more insight into who I am check out My list of injuries with some stories to go along. 

I’ll be updating the site about once per week; I hope you get something out of it!


Feel free to email me or leave comments. I read and reply to every single one.

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  1. Hey Reddy-B. Just stumbled on your site. You seem like a very knowledgable buy, and your content can be pretty humorous at times. Looking forward to reading more


  2. Frank Cheung

    February 23, 2017

    Hi Brian,

    I found your site very useful so far. I benched press incorrectly the past year due to a trainer misinforming me about scapular retraction. I was over retracting to the point where I was shrugging my shoulder up a bit. This caused a whole host of issues including nerve irritation. In short, I felt miserable. Your site was very informative on the function of the scapular.

    Thanks for your help!



  3. Laurie

    May 28, 2017

    Dear Brian,
    I have been on your site for hours and hours now (I read the ITBand article and took notes!!!)and have two questions: WHICH PRODUCTS TO GET, AND WHICH TO GET FIRST? I have all the bad posture things you describe, sit all day (I am a psychotherapist), plus anterior pelvic tilt, knee pain-especially on pavement, and have become terrified of walking DOWN stairs because I cannot bend my right knee when it is weight-bearing. Downward inclines are bad too. Also, have a dislocated cuboid bone from standing too long one day!
    (MELT method foot treatment has been very helpful for cuboid) All my exercise (Pilates, PT, and Balance and Strength training) are coming to an end at this time, for different reasons, so I am UP for a fresh, new approach– YOURS! Please advise. Thank you so much.


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