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Nutrition and surgery: How much should you eat after surgery?

December 28, 2011


Preface: Don’t underestimate this. I know plenty of people who have gained upwards of 60 pounds after a surgery. Some of them have trouble getting this weight off years later. In fact, I know one person who for nearly 70 years (!!!) had the same waist size. After a foot surgery he gained 60 pounds […]

Reconstructive ACL surgery: My surgery experience

December 27, 2011


My ACL surgery was December 23rd at 7:30am. I figured I’d write a little about my experience. The most nerve wracking part was walking into this big ass operating room. There are 5 people there, all for you, and one chair in the middle of the room, just for you. I felt like I was walking […]

Reconstructive ACL surgery: Postop physical therapy day 1

December 27, 2011


It took me about 8 hours after waking up from the surgery until I felt good enough to really start moving around. Below is how my first day looked. Note this is the day of surgery. None of that waiting a week to do anything crap. This is half-written for somebody looking for what to do […]

Reconstructive ACL surgery: Which graft should you use?

December 15, 2011


A quick primer on what ACL surgery is: Once the ACL is torn it does not repair itself. Thus, a graft is used to form a new ligament. This graft is put in place where the ACL should be. If you decide to have ACL surgery, one of the next steps is to decide which […]

Menopause and weight gain- is there any hope?

December 12, 2011


Since I have a good amount of female clients who are around the age of menopause, whether pre, during, or post, the issue of menopause and fat loss comes up a fair amount. Does this sound familiar? “Well, I can’t lose weight because I’m going through menopause.” Or, “I can’t lose weight because I’m postmenopausal. […]

Reconstructive ACL surgery: Why I’m having it done

December 7, 2011


After figuring out the benefits of reconstructive ACL surgery, debating whether it’s worth it, I’m going to talk about my decision to have it done on my own leg. Firstly though, I tore my ACL over 6 months ago, why the hell am I just now finally getting it done? 1) I didn’t know it […]

Exercise intensity while pregnant (why you’re so tired)

December 7, 2011


So you’ve decided it’s good for you to exercise while pregnant, you know it’s alright to run, bike, and you know it’s alright for you to lift weights. How hard can you do these activities? Can you exercise too intensely while pregnant? – Beginner versus regular exerciser Your pre-pregnancy exercise levels are going to help […]

Reconstructive ACL Surgery: Is it worth it?

December 5, 2011


A lot of things in life are beneficial. Traveling for a year, a college education, working late on a Friday night. Whether or not something is beneficial is rarely the right question though. The right question is, is that thing worth it? There is a term from economics called opportunity cost. Opportunity cost accounts for […]