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Tired of Searching? Click Here To Change Your Movement Now

March 25, 2016


You can click to find out more about each product. All purchases have refund guarantee and direct customer support, from me; not a machine. (Sorry, no soothing hold music.) After buying something, if needed you can reply to the confirmation email to ask a question. None of that annoying “Do Not Reply” or “noreply@WeDontCareAboutYou.com” stuff. Data […]

How I trained for the steepest day climb in America

May 22, 2017


According to Wikipedia the Cactus to Clouds trail has the greatest elevation gain of any day hike in America. Nearly 11,000 feet in 18 miles. It’s been rated the fifth hardest day hike in America by Backpacker magazine. “Hard” is hard to measure, but never mind the 18 miles, in the first 10 miles you climb 8,000 feet; it’s been […]

How our out of shapeness is impacting the Grand Canyon

May 15, 2017


When making the United States cross country drive you decide between going the northern or southern route. Usually because you’re debating Rocky Mountains or Grand Canyon. When I made the move from New Jersey to California I came close to going the northern route. “I mean, the Grand Canyon is like a big hole in the […]

Misunderstanding energy leaks when sprinting in the transverse plane

May 8, 2017


[client is dumbbell bench pressing and obviously tired] [client rests with weights down at their chest] – Me “If you want to rest that’s no problem, but rest with your arms straight up rather than at your chest. It will make it easier than coming up from a dead stop.” Rocket scientist client from MIT “Oh, […]

Pessimism regarding upcoming artificially intelligent personal trainers (part 9)

April 19, 2017


While there are rules, like less metabolic cost, people bend them, and we are rather hard to predict Our final pessimism bites us in the ass last, but the most. “We could do X…if only we had funding.” That if only is as important as whether we can do it. A great product which nobody can or […]

Pessimism regarding upcoming artificially intelligent personal trainers (part 8)

April 17, 2017


The electricity bill could be insane I covered this some in- –Where AlphaGo and Boston Dynamics are still falling short (putting Lee Sedol’s loss in a different context) Let’s look into the poker AI which won this year. Pinning the computer power down has been oddly difficult. Bloomberg said 3,330 high end MacBooks. This link says […]

Pessimism regarding upcoming artificially intelligent personal trainers (part 7)

April 14, 2017


Artificial Intelligence Can’t Tell You Why Say we have our AI best program picker compared to our human. You, the user of the program, looks at it and goes “Ok, but why are we doing this many sets?” why does my shoulder need this type of work?” why is my knee bothering me when I […]

Why you’re unlikely to find the perfect exercise program, and how you can find good enough

April 12, 2017


There is a famous problem in mathematics- You’re hiring a secretary and want to pick best the one. You’re a thorough person. You’re not going to merely look at resumes “He has the best typing score. Done.”  You’ll judge who is best as you interview them. You interview randomly one at a time. The rub is […]