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March 25, 2016


You can click to find out more about each product. All purchases have refund guarantee and direct customer support, from me; not a machine. (Sorry, no soothing hold music.) After buying something, if needed you can reply to the confirmation email to ask a question. None of that annoying “Do Not Reply” or “noreply@WeDontCareAboutYou.com” stuff. Data […]

Why can white women run and jump better than white men? (why do drugs help you run faster?)

August 24, 2016


In White men caN jump? Kind of. But they still can’t run. Sort of. it was covered whites do progressively worse in endurance events compared to blacks. A potential reason for this being a difference in ability to get rid of heat. This brings up the question, if steroids make people stronger, and runners get faster from steroids, […]

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White men caN jump? Kind of. But they still can’t run. Sort of.

August 22, 2016


Jonathan Edwards Triple Jump

A white person hasn’t won the olympic 100 meters since 1980, and that win has a big asterisk next to it. It was in Moscow where 65 countries boycotted, significantly lessening the competition. Allan Wells, who won the 1980 race with a time of 10.25, would not have even medaled in the olympics before or […]

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Why the olympics are and aren’t the fastest, highest, strongest (a 17th thought on CrossFit)

August 12, 2016


Chinese national weightlifting results womens 58kg

In 16 random thoughts on CrossFit in 2016 I wrote, with a new emphasis on the bolded: “Hopefully we’re past the point of “CrossFit is how olympic weightlifters should train.” If you still feel that way because you hear some CrossFitter is competing in the olympics, like Tia-Clair Toomey, according to the CrossFit site her total […]

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The next time someone doesn’t like your writing, think of this

August 8, 2016


Beyond the book Revising Prose (highly recommended) I’ve spent about no time learning what “good writing” is. It wasn’t until maybe my mid-twenties I realized “Oh, people…they go to school for, or they study this?” (Journalism is an exception due to ethics and legalese.) I got maybe a third of the way into On Writing Well and stopped. Critically acclaimed; universally […]

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16 random thoughts on CrossFit in 2016

August 1, 2016


 The love / hate is going to continue CrossFit is extreme, as is the response to it. The fitness world seems to be either wholly against it, or you own a box. Just watch the first 35 seconds of “The Fittest on Earth” documentary trailer, “I’ll die before I lose this workout.” “To be an athlete […]


An example of improving hip pain during squatting

July 22, 2016


Calvin asked about the remote client process in August 2015. Here are some things he wrote when answering the questionnaire: “-What currently hurts (if anything)? My main issue is with my inner hips (inside of the thigh, high up towards the groin region). I experience pain and tightness, usually keep on alternating on each side […]

How golf can negatively impact the ankles (is golf a good off-season activity for basketball players?)

July 13, 2016


Curry ankles side by side cropped 2

This article has a good deal of animations, many of which are fairly high quality. They may take a second to load based on your internet connection / device capabilities. While it pushes its limits, things work well on my six year old Macbook. The animations are important here. If it seems like one isn’t loading, either click […]


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