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Exercise intensity while pregnant (and why you’re so tired)

December 7, 2011


So you’ve decided it’s good for you to exercise while pregnant, you know it’s alright to run, bike, etc. and you know it’s alright for you to lift weights. How hard can you do these things though? Can you be too intense while pregnant? Beginner versus regular exerciser Your pre-pregnancy exercise levels are going to […]

The first trimester: What type of exercise should you be doing while pregnant?

November 23, 2011


Since we now know you should be exercising while your pregnant, what type of exercise should you be doing? I’m going to break this into two categories to start with. They are the two most common “types” of exercise people talk about so I figure presenting things in this manner will help resonate with people. […]

The first trimester: Should you be exercising?

November 17, 2011


The next post lined up for this pregnancy series is, Should you be exercising? The first post was, The first trimester: How much should you be eating? This is written with your average, generally healthy, mom-to-be in mind. This is not written for people with outstanding health conditions. I’ll have a quick write-up in a […]

The first trimester: How much should you be eating?

November 14, 2011


One of my clients recently found out she has a bun in the oven. Since it’s been quite awhile since I have looked at nutritional and exercise information for pregnant women, I’m going to have a bunch of posts coming up regarding pregnancy. I figure it’ll be a nice review for me, along with seeing […]