Testimonials and Results

“Today I got called skinny for the first time in 15 years.”

Michelle Guerrero

-Age is not an excuse

Example of impaired movement causing shoulder pain

-One way to lose 106lbs

-Shooting baskets

-How to lose pregnancy weight, beat depression, and kick-ass at the same time

-Couple videos of 2 clients

-“Girl” push-ups

-Push-ups for boobies

-How to tone your arms aka Welcome to the Gun Show

-Dear women, Stop worrying about getting bulky

-“Booty by Brian” (TM)

-Assessing shoulder motion

-An update on Montana

-Just when you lost hope…(Also, shoulder pain? Stop doing rows)

-> Naveen a few years later:


-Improving knee pain (testimonial)

-How to be a good client / An update on Jeremy

-An example of how important your sleep positioning can be

An update on Jennifer

-Example of improving a low shoulder

A program for push-ups at 75 years old

-Looking at a few stronger clients

-An example of correcting scapular winging in one minute

An example of what can be accomplished after meniscus surgery

Making pull ups and burpees more shoulder and back friendly

Being old doesn’t have to mean being slow

Improving external rotation range of motion after shoulder surgery

An example of improving hip pain during squatting

An example of overhead pressing and more, after shoulder pain

Training for the steepest day climb in America

Changing upper back posture and correcting a pot belly appearance (notes on rib flare)

Quick tips for sustainable cheat days

Shoulders, hips, knees and lower back testimonials from the past month

Recent reviews for better shoulders, lower backs, and more

From Emily (pictured below), who no longer trains with me due to moving locations, and in only a way she could put it:

“My new personal trainer is an [expletive] and explains things horrifically. It makes me appreciate your technique hella more. If you wish to re-arrange that wording and put it on your web site I support it.” 

Miss you too Em!

Emily before and afters:

Notice the extra bit of swagger Montana has now too!

“Holy crap I have shoulders, triceps and quads!” -Montana

Weight loss

Montana fitting into her high school cheerleader outfit!





down a size



Bonnie (pictured above) also plays softball:

Bonnie facebook testimonial

Jennifer B Testimonial

Bonnie Swinging

Jen E Testimonial


“After the first two weeks I was amazed at how good I felt. You know, I never realized how used to being in pain I had become. It took feeling good for me to realize how crappy I had been feeling for so long. I was so limited in what I could do. I can now swing my legs out of bed in the morning and not worry about it. This past week I went fishing and I love to go after the bigger ones. Normally I have to stop after each fish or so and take a break. This last time I could just keep fishing and fishing. It was great.”

                                                                      Bob B.

Knee Pain

61 years old; pain free knees and feet

Mike K, who came to me about a year after knee surgery, who I worked with on and off for a year:

“This is the best my knee has ever been.”

And then here is he halfway through his cross country bike ride, which I helped prep him for:

Mike K Testimonial

And finishing!

Mike K Testimonial 2


Juliet, who I worked with for two months:

Juliet Davenport Knee Testimonial

Wade testimonial

Bonnie, who I tried to talk out of a knee replacement, but helped with when she decided it was the right move for her:


Brent after an assessment:



“Thanks again for your tremendous help understanding what my knees were up to, you saved me most likely from some really horrible surgery.”

                                             Laurie P.

“My knee hurt for 8 years after my car accident. I really thought it was just something I’d have to deal with the rest of my life. I had no idea there was anything I could do for it. 8 years of pain gone after working with you for 4 weeks.”

                                             Derek B.

“My knees were to the point where I needed a cane to walk around for 6 months. I tried all kinds of things, including physical therapy, which was a joke. They spend more time bullshitting on the phone than actually watching you. It’s been over a year now since I’ve really had any knee issues. Thank you.”

                                             Art W.

“Before we started training I went for a bike ride around my neighborhood. It’s probably like a 2 or 3 mile loop. That just killed my knee. To the point where I couldn’t finish it.

Just yesterday I went for a ride again, I was able to go through town, other neighborhoods, etc. In all, I rode about 20 miles without any issues in my knee.”

                                             Mark K.

run without knee pain

From my IT band exercise manual:

Adam IT band book testimonial

Karen IT band testimonial

Denis IT band

From a remote client: 

Katie E Knee Pain Testimonial

146 miles and no knee pain:

Lisa N Testimonial

Another remote client, Rick, who was having some unusual calf and knee pain:

Rick testimonial 2

About a month later still doing well:

Rick B Testimonial 3

And one of my favorite testimonials from him describing how things went with his daughter at the zoo. About a month prior he had a pretty good flare up, but things got better:

Rick B Testimonial 1

Meghan H Testimonial

Lower back pain





Sarah C Testimonial


Gabbie Testimonial

Example of impaired movement causing lower back pain (link)


“After my car accident I was in chronic lower back pain for a year and a half. You did more for my lower back in 4 weeks than 4 months of physical therapy did. “

Montana P. 

“I just realized since I started training with you I haven’t needed to see my chiropractor once. (Note: Lori has been with me for over 18 months.) When I was with any other trainer I still needed to. But not anymore.”

Lori Walker

Zoltan Lower Back Testimonial

Georgi, who wanted to get back to playing soccer:

Georgi Testimonial

James, a couple months in:

James B Testimonial

James a couple months later:

James B testimonial 2

And then at the one year mark:

James B Testimonial 2

Sheen, who will be jogging soon enough:

Sheen Testimonial

Helping women everywhere:

Mark testimonial lower back pain

“The book has been pretty informative and I have taken up some of the suggestions (like [redacted]). I never had pain but notice that my my back needs much less warmup time now (I can kind of pop up and go in the morning and no longer need to foam roll before my morning workout). It is an odd feeling when stiffness you are so accustomed to is suddenly gone.

My wife (side sleeper) has been sleeping with a [redacted]. She says her back has been hurting less as well.”

-Matt R

Matt Sleep Testimonial

Matt Sleep Testimonial (Wife)

Sheryl Testimonial

More on sleeping better:

David S Testimonial

Hip Pain

Filip after only a month,



Katie, who had some pelvis issues during her pregnancy,

Gerard making progress after a month in,

Gerard, quite a few months later,







chris-b-testimonial chris-b-testimonial


matt-v-testimonial matt-v-testimonial-2

Andrea after a month and only an assessment,

Andrea hip pain testimonial

Mick, who had been having hip pain for years, feeling better -though not out of the woods yet- after three weeks:

Mick S testimonial

And then a year later,

Charles hip pain relief after one month:

Charles Bowles Month 1 Update

Charles Remote Testimonial


Angus Testimonial

Alex’s hip pain improvement, to where he was originally worried he wouldn’t be able to apply for a nursing program due to having issues standing for long periods of time:

Alex D testimonial 2 Alex testimonial 2
Alex testimonial 3


Calvin testimonial


Marcy testimonial 1 Marcy testimonial 2

Shoulder pain

Jason a week after his shoulder assessment,








Kostas after a month in,


Few months later,

Here are two videos illustrating improvement in somebody’s movement that resulted in relieving their shoulder pain. Before video is first (watch the right shoulder blade) and the improvement can be seen in the second video.

After getting the shoulder healthy she has been able to do some cool things such as this:

And this:

From Holly: “Each week I was thinking you’re full of shit, you’re full of shit, you’re full of shit…and then I wasn’t in pain anymore.”

Holly Testimonial

I used to wake up 20-25 times a night, no joke, because of my shoulder pain. Now I wake up maybe 1 time a night. And that’s because I’m thinking too much.”

Jacque Joslyn

My dude, of course I don’t mind. If anything, I’d wish that my case would help the next person avoid the common mistakes that I’ve made in this never-ending recovery. This post makes complete sense. It’s ridiculous how such simple concepts are overlooked…. Which I’m definitely guilty of.

Before coming across your site, I found myself sticking to what previous therapists were selling me… Telling me that it’ll just take time, or that I wasn’t working hard enough. Yet, I was following their protocol to a “t.”

Since my surgery, I was constantly told that my rhomboids were weak, so I needed to work on retraction, isolating the muscle, but never touching my upper traps because I wouldn’t want a hike with retraction. To be honest, before I took those pictures, I never knew my scapula was so stuck in adduction. From the time I’ve followed your protocol, I’ve experienced more relief and have regained more function than I ever did in almost a year of unsuccessful PT.


improving scapular motion



Dan, coming to the other side of his shoulder issues:


and able to do this,

And this,


henrik-shoulder-testimonial henrik-testimonial-4




Darren Testimonial

Mike, after a month in:

Michael M Testimonial

Then over a year later,

Mike again, after training on his own and having some elbow problems:

Hans, who I did a couple Skype consultations with:

Hans Testimonial

Mikhail, a remote client from Russia, updating me while he was on vacation with his new baby. He used to get considerable pain in the shoulders and neck, specifically when playing / holding his son:

Mikhail testimonial at 3 weeks

Foot/Ankle Pain

“Before seeing you I had issues with my foot from 2000-2009. It was so bad people used to call me the “limp man” because I had to limp everywhere I walked. In 2009 I had surgery and had the ankle fused. While this helped, my quality of life was still pretty bad. There was still a lot I couldn’t do and I still limped quite a bit.

Since working with you I’ve been amazed how much mobility I’ve regained in my ankle and how much I can do. I’m able to pull the sled, walk up hills, and I’ve begun trying running again.”

John Reed (Who is in his mid 70s!!!)



Doing work post pregnancy!

Click here for more on Tracy and losing weight after pregnancy

Doing work on the flag football field

photo 2 (2)

photo 3 (1)

ACL Reconstruction



Someone who found the site helpful:

Becky P Testimonial

As did Ben:

Ben Testimonial


Suzy ACL Testimonial


Amanda ACL testimonial


Albe ACL testimonial 1 Albe ACL testimonial 2


Janine ACL Testimonial 2


Dylan B ACL manual testimonial


Eric B ACL manual testimonial




Al,Al C Testimonial


I’m also going to have a section of people that had good results with me but I haven’t gotten a testimonial up for whatever reason. This is really more for me than anyone else:

Connie R – Lost 35lbs and was able to get under 200lbs for the first time since high school (30+ years).

Nishant S. Lost 15 lbs and pain free shoulders.

Janet M. -Shoulder issues to the point she couldn’t sleep. Pain free for two years now. Lost over 30lbs.

Anna B. – Anterior glide issues of left hip resolved in a month.

Dee Mc. – 25lbs lost. Asymptomatic wrists for over 1 year.

Pam R. – 33lbs lost.

John H. – Had lower back issues and trouble working out without flare ups. Only one or two incidents over two year training period.

Sonya A. – 26lbs lost and lower back pain relief.

Alex H. – No lower back issues for full year of training after chronic lower back pain for years prior.

Robin B. -39 pounds down.

Pattie T. – Still had considerable shoulder pain post surgery despite working with a physical therapist for months. Pain gone after 4 weeks to where she could reach up and paint for hours with no issues.

Heather M. – Hip pain to the point of not being able to walk around the mall without having to sit down, foot and shoulder pain for years -> All gone in 5 weeks.

Heather testimonial

Karen M. – A couple weeks away from shoulder surgery and had “bone on bone” knee issues for several years. Was able to prevent shoulder surgery  and get knees asymptomatic in about 6 weeks. No issues for 18+ months. Over 20lbs lost too.

Judy M. – Medial elbow pain relief after a few months.

Lisa L. – 11 pounds down.

Lia W. – Left shoulder pain for 2+ years gone in 3 weeks.

Craig W. -Tennis elbow pain gone after 2 weeks.

Chelsea R. -Able to run 3-5 miles consistently pain free for the first time in two years with previous history of 2 ACL reconstructions and one menisectomy.

Sharon M. -Knee history consisting of surgeries on both knees. Able to do things like play racquetball pain free, and without a brace, for the first time in years.

Sharon 90lb Plank 2

Carl R. -CFT military test first class result two years in a row.

Wally K. -36lbs lost.

Eric M. -55 lbs down.

Mike M. -31 lbs down.

Greg B. -18 pounds down.

Tonya D. -13 pounds down.

Art W. -66 pounds down.

Eric K. -Long term shoulder pain, including shoulder surgery, resolved after 7 weeks.

Jason K. -18 months of lower back pain resolved in 2 weeks.

Jason hit me up again about a year later after hurting his knee playing some basketball. (I also helped his dad out (picture on a bike on this page!), hence the reference.)

Jason hit me up again about a year later after hurting his knee playing some basketball. (I also helped his dad out (picture on a bike on this page!), hence the reference.)

Tyler A. -Right shoulder issues resolved in two months.

Max K. -Left shoulder and right hip relief in 2.5 months.

Warren O -23 pounds down.

Michelle G. -51 lbs. down.

Michelle G testimonial

Jacque testimonial

Valentin B testimonial

Reinis Testimonial

Hiking in your mid-60s:


Judes Straight Arm Plank Joanne Straight Arm Plank



Mathieu making progress in regards to headaches and training,


nick-t-testimonial nick-t-testimonial-2

Nick then reached out again a few years later,






Anton, all the way from Cyprus:

Anton Testimonial : Update

Sebastian, from Germany:

Sebastian K Testimonial

A professional Canadian football player, off to a good start after a few weeks:

K CFL Testimonial

James and the anterior pelvic tilt program,


Kier, from London:

Kier Testimonial


Jimmy, slowly but surely:

Jimmy S Testimonial

Heather after purchasing some products,


Elbow relief:

MJR Testimonial

Mathieu Elbow Testimonial 2


Joe Testimonial

Tyler, who I worked with for over a year and a half (hope to see him again soon!):

Tyler A. Testimonial



Few months later,

Chris, who found some products helpful,

Chris testimonial

How many issues have been prevented? (As well as people you haven’t heard from)

Facebook message testimonial

(Click to enlarge.)

It band stretch knee pain

Donation for ACL write up

Trickle down effect in action:

Joe D Testimonial

David B Testimonial and such

Tristum Testimonial

Laura %22Testimonial%22

Hey Brian,

As usual, I would like to say thanks for everything you’ve done so far.

My daughter woke me up last night and I had a tough time getting back to sleep so I thought I might check to see if there had been updates to your site and I saw the recent post about my progress.  I am a bit floored that I apparently made enough of an impact to prompt a lengthy post detailing ways in which I have been helpful.  It is a great reminder of how important it is to be positive, a good listener, generous, etc.  It’s a sad state of affairs that my behavior has been remarkable, if that makes sense.

Anyway, I know I am paying you, but in a sense I can’t help but think that the impact you are having is lifelong; and how much is a lifelong impact worth?  I will never forget that hypermobility in my lower back is a problem, that posture matters, where my knees should be in relation to my feet, that my feet should point straight, etc.  These principles will be taught to my children.  They will move better and avoid injury better because of the work you have done with me. 

I already have people at the gym asking me if I got taller (I stand straighter).  The girl who videotaped my IT band stretch tried to do it herself and I cued her to pull her stomach in to get her back flat.  That cue has stuck with her in other movements.  So there’s another little bit of positivity that has spread.  

Many people saw me lifting big weights and then saw me doing all of these weird movements and not lifting any weight and had to ask what was going on. When I answered, a lot of these people remarked that I should become a trainer because I am able to explain well a lot of the things you have said.  Perhaps they will remember bits and pieces and get healthier based off of that input.  For example they may remember next time they aggrivate a back injury “I might be injured because I am moving my back too much throughout the day”, remember their odd sleeping or sitting positions, make corrections and get better.  You may never find out about these things.

The purpose of this email is to be a (semi) permanent reminder of the positive effect you are having on the world.  You mentioned you worked pretty much all of February, and I am not sure how much positive feedback you get with all of that tireless effort, so I hope this helps fill the gap, if there is one.

On a tangent, I have turned down a lot of “hot” Silicon Valley / Hollywood type jobs and am getting paid a little more than half of what I have been offered in jobs I have turned down.  The biggest reasons I have done this is because I feel that the idea that I will be happier with a significant amount more income is a lie.  It is more important to me to make less, if that means I have more time to spend on things that are extremely satisfying, like being a dependable husband, being a good dad and being a good person to the people I am around.  These personal impacts last far longer than the money.  I sense that you share my general priorities in that seeing other people being healthier is more important to you than becoming fabulously wealthy.  That being said, when I get my tax refund I am going to tip beyond what you are charging to signify that the effect is beyond what is common.

Stay positive and keep your chin up!


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