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Lebron James strength is his weakness (Don’t avoid Lebron. Go at him.)

May 11, 2018


Lebron has been having a phenomenal playoffs. As always gets talked about with him, he’s been doing this despite playing more minutes than everybody else. This is a great article with some insight how he does it, –The genius way Lebron has been sneaking in his rest The short version is Lebron has become better […]

A better way to approach exercise and stress

April 27, 2018


So you’ve been working out consistently for a while now, and you’re feeling good.  You know, maybe even taking a few more seconds than normal when walking past a mirror. Then all of a sudden a plethora of crap happens causing you to be more stressed than me hearing that Scotty McCreery, otherwise known as […]

A simple way to read research (issues with pain science)

April 25, 2018


When I was in college, one of the big assignments in completing an Exercise Science degree was writing some research papers. Few even want to read these things, never mind write them! They are a tedious endeavor. One professor I had was notoriously hard, but honest. He would have one or two assignments a semester […]

Full ROM lifting is way overhyped

April 16, 2018


There has been no greater idiocy in the fitness world than the full range of motion debate. Gyms, CrossFit boxes and internet forums filled with sentiments of, If you don’t squat ass to grass (ATG) you’re half human If you bench press and the bar doesn’t touch your chest, your testicles shrink   ATG squatting […]

It all depends on you

March 16, 2018


How much should I eat each day? It depends Should I do cardio before or after lifting? It depends How often should I come to the gym? It depends How many days per week should I lift? It depends Should I eat [insert food item here]? It depends Should I use x,y, or z machine? […]

Treat The Cause, Not The Symptom

March 16, 2018


Everybody knows somebody who has gone through cancer. My Mom was diagnosed four years ago with breast cancer. For those of you who have been around the initial diagnosis and or the treatment process, you’ve probably seen the general fatigue a cancer patient has. Of course, the patient wants to get rid of this fatigue […]

Exercise does not need to be enjoyable

February 9, 2018


“When people start viewing exercise as a duty or obligation, then that’s not a formula for sustained activity.” –Love or hate exercise? It may be in your genes. One idea for getting people to exercise is to make it something people like. This is where many will go “I won’t go for a run, but […]

Be careful trying to predict clients

January 10, 2018


Predicting the future has always been good business. So much media is either talking about what just happened, or what’s going to happen next. Of course, nobody knows what’s going to happen. In sports, we say “that’s why they play the game.” With personal training, with new clients, I consider there to be two kinds […]