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The peril of evidence based obsessors

October 18, 2017


In the 1980s, healthcare made a concerted effort to move towards evidenced based medicine. That the treatment a doctor prescribed should be backed by research, meaning (ideally) randomized controlled trials, placebo groups, large sample sizes, independent researchers. Yes, incredibly, this was not already standard. Not that everybody is doing it these days, but the idea […]

The power of programming exercise for the longterm

September 18, 2017


One of the most common pitfalls of the new exerciser is wanting progress too quickly. Millennials are blamed for everything these days, it seems one out of every five geriatrics feels the need to tell me all the ways I’ve disappointed them, but we’ll blame this thinking on baby boomers. History tells us millennials didn’t […]

Differences between brain and muscle fatigue as we become trained (how exercise increases our ability to handle all stress)

July 26, 2017


Charlie Francis was a sprint coach, a consultant to many different sports, and one of the best sport coaches we’ve had. He’s easily the greatest sprint coach. He popularized the notion of central nervous system (CNS) fatigue, also known as neural fatigue. The way I describe this to clients is some days everything feels off. […]

Can special relativity explain any of the life extending benefit of exercise?

July 10, 2017


People who exercise live longer than those who don’t. So much so, getting physically active (and at a healthy weight) could do more to extend lives than curing cancer. Special relativity is one of the theories which made Einstein famous. National Geographic had a well done series on him, Genius, which put some of this […]