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Emptying out the mailbag & clearing the history #20

July 17, 2017


Other mailbags can be found here. Keep in mind a lot of this is email conversations, comment replies, or some random interesting things I’ve found. By their nature they are not as thorough or complete as a post on one topic. Here’s what’s covered in this installment: – Which footballers could beat Usain Bolt in the 100m? None…would even […]

Pessimism regarding upcoming artificially intelligent personal trainers (part 4)

April 7, 2017


Sensors are unlikely the future. If there is one, it’s vision. Our leg pressing study again- “The restrictions of the presented approach are […] it is not possible to observe other pre-conditions like, for example, the correct sitting position or placement of the feet, which would be important parameters for the application of the implemented models […]

Pessimism regarding upcoming artificially intelligent personal trainers (part 3)

April 5, 2017


Liability If an AI is now coaching people, telling them what’s too hard and what’s not, who is responsible when something goes wrong? Craig Venter, the most known name in genetics, did “the most thorough physical in the world” and likely gave himself prostate cancer. Who’s responsible for that? When the inevitable “Oh shit, we didn’t […]

The financial reality of being a personal trainer (part 2)

February 17, 2017


This is a two part series: Part 1- The Negative Part 2- The Positive   The Positive Some careers are tough. Chefs come to mind. They always work more than eight hours per day; on their feet. They’re constantly trying out new techniques and learning, changing menus, things they aren’t getting directly paid for. The pay […]