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Meniscus wedge angles- a genetic component to knee injuries? (why some knees are only built for some sports)

September 14, 2015


I’m cruising around the American Journal of Sports Medicine one day and I come across this paper: –Combined anatomic factors predicting risk of anterior cruciate ligament injury for males and females. Because the AJSM always requires you to pay to read their stuff, to the tune of $36 for this one article, I read the […]

Protected: Regaining Knee Extension (manual)

September 3, 2015

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A note for research nazis

December 17, 2014


Preface: Why this matters The following may seem pedantic to some. Here is why I disagree: There has been a lot of discussion about the decline of science in America. A commonly thrown out factor is how media outlets have progressively lessened the amount of science reporters on staff. Another commonly said fact is how funding […]

My second visit to Washington University in St. Louis

June 16, 2014


I recently visited the Washington University in St. Louis for the second time. The first time, close to two years ago, was for help coming off my ACL reconstruction. (There is always something to be said for having someone’s else’s eyes. They will see things you can’t.) This time was to attend one of their Movement System Impairment courses. The […]

Why the Triple Hop test isn’t always a good barometer for ACL rehabilitation

October 6, 2012


For whatever reason the Triple Hop test appears to be a popular tool used in the ACL rehab world. Primarily as an indicator for how well the surgically repaired leg matches up to the non. I suppose in theory it makes sense. If the surgically repaired leg can perform as well as the non in […]

My visit to the Washington University in St. Louis Physical Therapy Program

September 3, 2012


This turned into a behemoth of a post. I started writing this on the plane ride home and well, the cute girl next to me could only distract me so much. Next thing I know I had 15 pages. (Remember in college how you had trouble writing 10 pages, double spaced? Weird.) There is a […]

Reconstructive ACL and meniscus repair physical therapy weeks 9-12 (month 3)

March 15, 2012


Rather than continue posting one week at a time, I decided I would post a few weeks in conjunction with one another. Weeks 9-12 mark the third month of rehab. Overall, other than consistently needing to achieve full knee extension the first 6 weeks or so, this has been a pretty smooth process. I’ve barely […]