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A day with Tom Myers of Anatomy Trains

October 8, 2013


I recently went to a conference where Tom Myers of Anatomy Trains was presenting. I’ve written about him in my posts on tennis elbow, the importance of direction in manual therapy, stretching the IT band and hamstrings. I listened to him for 7 hours, so, I took a ton of notes. – Background This was not a personal training / physical therapy / […]

Correcting a swayback posture by…changing how you sleep?

September 24, 2013


The first one of these is An example of how important your sleep positioning can be. In that I cover the similarities between a lateral pelvic tilt and how one sleeps. Next up, the similarities between sleep positioning and a swayback posture. First up, going over a swayback posture. I’ll use some pictures from Kendall’s […]

Looking at pelvic tilts -The hips only tell you part of the story (an anterior pelvic tilt doesn’t mean your hips are flexed)

July 21, 2013


I’m going to cover some oversights when assessing pelvic alignments. The most common condition people seem concerned with is an anterior pelvic tilt. Because the hips are rotated anteriorly and the hamstrings pull the pelvis posteriorly, it’s common to assume the hamstrings are “weak / lengthened” in an anterior pelvic tilt. However, the hamstrings play […]

The remote client process

June 20, 2013


This and all posts are always up to date. I’m always accepting new clients and try to never have a wait list of more than a week. If it’s ever longer than that, it will be posted on the site.  – One of the emails I write the most is detailing the remote client process. […]

An update on Jennifer

April 24, 2013


Back in February I posted two postural assessments. The first one was of Jeremy, the second Jennifer. I posted a very thorough update on Jeremy here, now it’s time for a quick one on Jennifer. I emailed Jennifer asking how she was doing, and here was her reply, “Hey Brian I’ve been doing really well. I think […]

How to be a good client / An update on Jeremy

March 18, 2013


I went back and forth between quoting and screen shotting emails from Jeremy. The quotes are easier to read but the pictures help solidify a testimonial. Click any of the pictures to enlarge.  In early February I wrote a post Example of a postural assessment. This will make more sense with that as your preface. Because […]

Another example of a postural evaluation

February 20, 2013


For an update on Jennifer, click here. The first one of these can be found here: Example of a postural assessment. Preface: Along with my in-person clientele I also help people out remotely. With the latter I have to rely more on pictures and videos. I thought going through a person’s standing photos (assessing posture […]