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Why is it so hard to straighten your knee after ACL surgery?

December 18, 2015


Something ACL patients, really any knee surgery patient, struggles with the most is regaining full knee extension. Out of surgery, many lay their legs straight, and one knee looks like this, if not worse. Next thing you know they’re walking like this, We’re talking not only the ability to straighten your leg, but the ability to hyperextend your knee. […]

Timing of ACL surgery- is waiting beneficial?

August 7, 2015


This started as a comment exchange from my post on mistakes ACL patients make. “Hey Brian, I’m a few weeks from ACL reconstruction. Everyone’s told me the PT is the most important part of the recovery back to active sports (basketball for me), and I plan on following your manual and the physical therapist’s protocol […]

Protected: The most important phase of ACL rehab (manual)

April 2, 2014

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The most important phase of ACL rehab (info)

April 2, 2014


For a long time I’ve debated putting out an ACL resource. Because the rehab is so long, usually at least 6 months, I wrestled with attempting to make something covering that much time. So much can happen in 6+ months, everyone’s timeline is going to be different, goals are individual. Over the last few years, […]

More evidence against knee surgery

March 5, 2014


A few years ago I wrote a post called Should you have surgery for arthritis in your knees? I discussed a type of study rare in the research world. One where a “sham surgery” is used to give a placebo group. A sham surgery is where doctors do everything involved in a regular procedure, but don’t actually […]

The biggest mistakes ACL patients make

October 23, 2013


It’s been almost two years since I had reconstructive ACL surgery. Between personal experience, those I’ve worked with, the emails and comments I’ve received, a few patterns have emerged as to what mistakes I see people making. – Lack of mental preparation Far and away the most common thing I get from people, post surgery, […]

A different explanation for Adrian Peterson’s amazing ACL recovery

August 7, 2013


“Amazing.” “Unbelievable.” These are the words most often thrown around when discussing Adrian Peterson’s recovery from reconstructive ACL surgery. His own surgeon, James Andrews, doesn’t have an explanation for how he’s done it. Referring to him as “superhuman.” Andrews is pretty much a god in this world. By his own estimation about 50% NFL athletes who […]

Another way to illustrate how serious ACL surgery is

June 17, 2013


This is not meant to be a political post. It’s meant to elucidate how serious ACL surgery is. This is the stuff your surgeon won’t tell you about. I tore my ACL when I was 24 years old, I had surgery 7 months later briefly after turning 25, 18 months later (now) I’m 26 years […]