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Why the Triple Hop test isn’t always a good barometer for ACL rehabilitation

November 16, 2018


The Triple Hop test is a popular tool in the ACL rehab world as an indicator for how well the surgically repaired leg matches up to the non. In theory it makes sense. If the surgically repaired leg can perform as well as the non in a jump test, you have a good indication rehab […]

Reconstructive ACL surgery: Postop physical therapy day 1

July 20, 2018


It took me about 8 hours after waking up from the surgery until I felt good enough to really start moving around. Below is how my first day looked. Note this is the day of surgery. None of that waiting a week to do anything crap. This is half-written for somebody looking for what to do […]

ACL rehabilitation month 6

July 23, 2012


As I talked about in ACL Rehab Month 5, in month 6 I took some time off. I took a break from any heavier lifting and intense running. I also went on vacation for 10 days to Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland. All I have to say about that is if you ever get a chance […]

ACL rehab month 5, and a temporary change in direction

May 23, 2012


Month 5 marked me running forward for the first time. This went pretty well. I was able to go a bit faster than a jog, but anything faster than that and my knee let me know it wasn’t ready. I had no issues after running. No flare ups, no lasting pain, etc. It’s just while […]

ACL rehab month 4

April 22, 2012


Month 4 marked the first time I have run!!! Albeit backwards and side to side. (Forward running starts in month 5.) Ironically enough, at least to me, running has been the easiest activity for me. But, shit if the strength work hasn’t been hard. It’s not that anything is painful really. Other than some occasional […]

Rehab for ACL and meniscus surgery -Week 6

February 13, 2012


I saw my surgeon at the end of the 6 week mark. So far, so good. My x-rays came back solid and I passed the Lachmann test. Both very good signs. I was concerned about some popping I was having in the knee, but other people who had the surgery, as well as my surgeon, […]

ACL and meniscus surgery physical therapy- Week 5

February 6, 2012


Post-op Day 29-35 (Week 5) Routine schedule: Day 29: ROM, Proprioception, Strength Day 30: ROM, Conditioning, Proprioception Day 31: ROM, Proprioception, Strength Day 32: ROM, Conditioning, Proprioception Day 33 ROM, Proprioception, Strength Day 34: ROM, Conditioning, Proprioception Day 35: ROM   Crutches -Eliminated   Bracing -Only while sleeping to insure I don’t bend my leg […]

ACL and meniscus repair rehab: Days 12-15

January 13, 2012


This was originally supposed to be days 11-14, however, I wasn’t able to see my surgeon until day 12. Thus, this turned into days 12-15. Day 12 brought about some big changes in the rehab. Most noticeably the ability to BEND MY DAMN LEG! I had some x-rays taken to examine the reconstruction and make […]