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Looking more in depth at Darrelle Revis’ ACL comeback (why so many NFL players don’t make it back)

August 14, 2015


In a recent profile of Darrelle Revis in Sports Illustrated, Revis mentioned the difficulty he had coming back from his reconstructive ACL surgery. He was injured in September 2012, and didn’t start running again until May 2013.  -> I don’t know what they mean by running here. Straight line, light running typically takes place within a few months post-op. […]

Timing of ACL surgery- is waiting beneficial?

August 7, 2015


This started as a comment exchange from my post on mistakes ACL patients make. “Hey Brian, I’m a few weeks from ACL reconstruction. Everyone’s told me the PT is the most important part of the recovery back to active sports (basketball for me), and I plan on following your manual and the physical therapist’s protocol […]

How many players in the NFL are on drugs?

October 13, 2014


Five years ago I read an article from Lyle McDonald, What’s My Genetic Muscular Potential? It illustrated what realistic expectations, and limitations, are for body composition. It was one of those articles that sticks with you. “Of course, to the general public, an individual at a lean 180-190 pounds is still pretty enormous.  It’s just that compared to […]

You can’t have it both ways (some words on the current state of the NFL)

September 24, 2014

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When I played college football a teammate of mine had already suffered six or seven concussions. He was a month before turning 18 when I saw him suffer his 7th or 8th. (He couldn’t remember how many he’d had.) We were in the middle of training camp, exhausted, and this guy didn’t feel like taking […]

A different explanation for Adrian Peterson’s amazing ACL recovery

August 7, 2013


“Amazing.” “Unbelievable.” These are the words most often thrown around when discussing Adrian Peterson’s recovery from reconstructive ACL surgery. His own surgeon, James Andrews, doesn’t have an explanation for how he’s done it. Referring to him as “superhuman.” Andrews is pretty much a god in this world. By his own estimation about 50% NFL athletes who […]