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Better understanding recovery differences as we age

January 8, 2018


This study got some undeserved publicity in the fitness world: –Comparisons in the Recovery Response From Resistance Exercise Between Young and Middle-Aged Men The researchers looked at young males, average age 21 years, compared to middle age ones, average age 47 years, and found, in response to a high volume resistance exercise protocol, there was […]

Being old doesn’t have to mean being slow

June 1, 2016


In the fitness world a couple physical qualities are focused on when it comes to aging. They tend to be strength and balance. A big reason for this is preventing falls. Stronger legs and better balance can hold a person up better. Simple enough. However, speed and reaction time tend to get ignored. This is despite many […]

Some notes on Being Mortal

November 7, 2014


As many readers of this site know, I’m a huge fan of writer / surgeon Atul Gawande. His Checklist Manifesto book is towards the top of my recommended reading list. His latest book is Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End. The book is primarily about how we handle the end of people’s lives, with an obvious […]

A simple blueprint for aging well

April 7, 2014


I recently spent a long weekend in Chicago for St. Patrick’s Day. While California, particularly Southern California, has just about everything a person could want, one thing it sorely lacks is a St. Patrick’s Day scene. I’m from the Northeastern U.S., which means the first 17 days of March every year are, in some shape […]