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How quickly can your brain atrophy?

March 29, 2017


A great way to appreciate “if you don’t use it, you lose it” is to be casted up. Less than a couple months later, take the cast off, and that limb looks like carnage. That doesn’t tell the whole story though. A broken bone might mean being in a cast for 6-8 weeks. What if […]

Emptying out the mailbag & clearing the history #18

February 6, 2017


Other mailbags can be found here. Keep in mind a lot of this is email conversations, comment replies, or some random interesting things I’ve found. By their nature they are not as thorough or complete as a post on one topic. Here’s what’s covered in this installment: – For the “exercise has failed” crowd Some have said exercise and […]

Wait, former NFL players are healthier than most people?

December 30, 2015


A good amount of discussion about NFL players health has been going on again due to Will Smith’s most recent movie Concussion. This provides an opportunity to revisit a sporadically reoccurring theme of this site: When it comes to the body, pretty much whenever you gain something, you lose something, and vice versa. In college I had […]