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An example of how tough it is to study humans

May 8, 2015


As part of the aerospace engineering and human spaceflight course I recently took, we were looking at disturbances in human equilibrium after spaceflight. Funky things happen to people in space due to microgravity. One of those things is a decreased ability to orient yourself when coming back into earth’s gravity. You can incur some odd […]

Some notes on Being Mortal

November 7, 2014


As many readers of this site know, I’m a huge fan of writer / surgeon Atul Gawande. His Checklist Manifesto book is towards the top of my recommended reading list. His latest book is Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End. The book is primarily about how we handle the end of people’s lives, with an obvious […]

Age is not an excuse to be out of shape

May 20, 2011

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I swear I hear something about my age at least once a week. Once I graduated college I moved out to San Diego. Somehow it just happened I went from primarily hanging out with people who were the same age as me, to where now I am around people who are primarily older than me. […]