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The best commencement speech I know of

May 15, 2015


It’s the time of the year when all the famous people start giving commencement speeches. I usually watch a few of these each year, especially from people I’m a fan of. A lot are great, but I’ve always found myself siding with the comedians on this. “Most of you are probably drunk, and, like when […]

Emptying out the mailbag and clearing the history #5

February 13, 2015


Other mailbags can be found here. Keep in mind a lot of this is email conversations, comment replies, or some random interesting things I’ve found. By their nature they are not as thorough or complete as a post on one topic. Here’s what’s covered in this installment (click to be taken to the section): Some cool space videos The Men […]

Don’t aspire to be the celebrity trainer

August 18, 2014


Too many personal trainers decide their industry is only for the upper class. I’m looking at you who charges $100 an hour. You, with your underhand grip, swirling your wine, bragging how aged it is; looking down at me for drinking PBR in a can. [1] You who charges teenagers and their parents close to […]

One step at a time, one brick at a time…bird by bird?

February 15, 2012


“…a life oriented in leisure is a life oriented to death- the greatest leisure of all.” This is going to be off-topic for this site. Part of having a consistently updated website is consistently writing. Part of having a good website then, is to be a good writer. Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing […]