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Starting a business- it ain’t that bad (especially healthcare ones)

September 9, 2015

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I came across three separate articles in the same day going over small business statistics. One of them was from Dave Tate, over at EliteFTS. Dave owns EliteFTS, whose primary business is selling fitness equipment. He stated in a recent article: “It has been said that 90% of all small businesses will fail within the first […]

Brief words on that Amazon article and tech in general

August 19, 2015


I’ve been a fan of Jeff Bezos for a while. Wrote about this some here. I use Amazon’s affiliate program. I barely make anything off it, but I am sending them business. I also buy most of my books from them. I vote for them with my money, sort of speak. I pay decent attention […]

The best commencement speech I know of

May 15, 2015


It’s the time of the year when all the famous people start giving commencement speeches. I usually watch a few of these each year, especially from people I’m a fan of. A lot are great, but I’ve always found myself siding with the comedians on this. “Most of you are probably drunk, and, like when […]

Emptying out the mailbag and clearing the history #5

February 13, 2015


Other mailbags can be found here. Keep in mind a lot of this is email conversations, comment replies, or some random interesting things I’ve found. By their nature they are not as thorough or complete as a post on one topic. Here’s what’s covered in this installment (click to be taken to the section): Some cool space videos The Men […]

Don’t aspire to be the celebrity trainer

August 18, 2014


Too many personal trainers decide their industry is only for the upper class. I’m looking at you who charges $100 an hour. You, with your underhand grip, swirling your wine, bragging how aged it is; looking down at me for drinking PBR in a can. [1] You who charges teenagers and their parents close to […]

One step at a time, one brick at a time…bird by bird?

February 15, 2012

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“…a life oriented in leisure is a life oriented to death- the greatest leisure of all.” This is going to be off-topic for this site. Part of having a consistently updated website is consistently writing. Part of having a good website then, is to be a good writer. Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing […]