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How muscles are like onion bags

May 4, 2018


I was listening to an interview with Tom Myers of Anatomy Trains. He used an analogy that really hit home for me. One of relating muscles, and the fascia they are connected to, to onion bags. Picture an onion bag, then picture it in the shape of a diamond: The bag (muscle/fascia) can either be […]

Why pull ups feel ok on your shoulder but overhead pressing doesn’t

September 19, 2016


From an email, “Firstly, thanks for making such thorough content. Keep it up! (Including the cursing) To the Point: In a person with irritable shoulders (aggravated with some versions of overhead pressing), why are lat pulls and assisted pull-ups typically pain free? Details and Thoughts you can skip if you want: As a trainer, I’ve […]

Recovery modalities: What’s worthwhile? Along with some massage discussion.

February 2, 2015


This was originally going to be part of a mailbag, but it’s a longer discussion than I like to put in there, so I made it its own post. It fits with the mailbag mantra though: this is (lightly edited) email conversation. By its nature it’s not as thorough or complete as a regular post. I […]

Issues with foam rolling

May 20, 2013


Foam rolling is one of those polarizing topics. To some it’s another coming of Christ; others swear it doesn’t do anything. Hell, some say it’s detrimental. These argumenters will go into all the physiology, what happens during massage, what scar tissue is, etc. and try to make an argument from that angle. This has confused […]