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Why I nearly always recommend losing fat before gaining muscle

April 9, 2018


What’s likely to occur to begin with This mainly applies to males. Females aren’t as likely to say “I want to build some muscle.” It’s much more “I want to look toned.” Males should have more of this mindset, but they’re more often along the lines of “I want to lose 26 lbs of fat and gain […]


March 16, 2018


A topic I’ve seen come up every so often is the effects of ibuprofen on exercise. The times I’ve seen this mentioned is in the bodybuilding community, where discussions of whether taking ibuprofen on a consistent basis will diminish muscle gains.  In my experience this is normally brought up by the beat up lifter who […]

Do antihistamines (allergy meds) make you fat or affect exercise performance?

October 31, 2012


For the first 23 years of my life I never had a single allergy. In fact, I used to vehemently make fun of those who did. Words such as “genetically inferior” would get thrown around. Then last year I had this odd cough for a month or so; in September. My entire life I had […]