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My favorite mobility / corrective exercise – The Toddler Squat

May 3, 2019


It’s no secret we -at least in Westernized society- sit, a lot. Sitting itself isn’t abnormal for humans. Sitting in a chair though, is. In fact, if you watch a toddler, or observe societies where chairs aren’t as common, sitting is done quite a bit, but without a chair. I’m not big on the whole […]

7 Exercises To Improve Common Posture And Movement Issues (info)

November 18, 2014


This manual is aimed at correcting some common issues. You can read about those common movement issues here and those common postural issues here. Those links serve as a nice introduction, and they’re free. This manual contains seven exercises aimed at correcting issues from head to toe. The exercises work down the body. One exercise for the neck area […]