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7 very common movement issues, and how to work on them

November 18, 2014


This is one of two introductions to two manuals of mine. (More on those below.) The first introduction is here. – 1) Excessive neck extension Rather than the neck stay straight, It tends to extend: Example A common instance where this would happen is when raising the arm. – Possible associated issues Neck pain Headaches […]

Miscellaneous notes on raising your arms

September 9, 2014


I received a good comment recently on my post A progression to lifting your arms overhead pain free.   “Hey Brian, I started to incorporate these movements in to my daily routine. I just have some questions pertaining to some of the movements and how it should feel. When I do the backward rocking I find it […]

Bodybuilding programming issues and dealing with stubborn clients

July 20, 2014


I got a couple of good questions from one commenter recently. They deal with some topics I probably haven’t talked about enough on this site. Problems I spend a lot of time thinking about and working on though. I decided to make my answers their own post. “Hi Brian I imagine most of your clients […]

Are you sure you’re in the scapular plane?

December 30, 2013


From an upcoming, much longer, post detailing my visit to Stanford University’s Clinical Anatomy Lab, where I worked with cadavers: Two common ways people go about alleviating shoulder pain is 1) Pulling the shoulders down and back and 2) Working the arms in the scapular plane.  I’ve indirectly covered why the “Down and back” cue […]

A day with Tom Myers of Anatomy Trains

October 8, 2013


I recently went to a conference where Tom Myers of Anatomy Trains was presenting. I’ve written about him in my posts on tennis elbow, the importance of direction in manual therapy, stretching the IT band and hamstrings. I listened to him for 7 hours, so, I took a ton of notes. – Background This was not a personal training / physical therapy / […]

A progression to lifting your arms overhead pain free

September 5, 2013


The most common complaint of those with shoulder pain is a limited ability to lift their arm(s) up. One of the ways I disagree with many in approaching this ailment is I don’t avoid lifting the arm overhead; I embrace it. You won’t get your arms over your head by only working them under your […]

Issues with foam rolling

May 20, 2013


Foam rolling is one of those polarizing topics. To some it’s another coming of Christ; others swear it doesn’t do anything. Hell, some say it’s detrimental. These argumenters will go into all the physiology, what happens during massage, what scar tissue is, etc. and try to make an argument from that angle. This has confused […]

An update on Jennifer

April 24, 2013


Back in February I posted two postural assessments. The first one was of Jeremy, the second Jennifer. I posted a very thorough update on Jeremy here, now it’s time for a quick one on Jennifer. I emailed Jennifer asking how she was doing, and here was her reply, “Hey Brian I’ve been doing really well. I think […]