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How explosive is John Wall?

May 4, 2018

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If you follow the NBA, the last four years or so it’s hard to go long stretches without hearing something about John Wall’s athleticism. He’s gotten some awfully large praise, aimed primarily at his speed. Wall himself says he’s the fastest player in the NBA; his head coach wonders if he’s the fastest ever!   […]

Steph Curry CAN jump

April 13, 2016


An explanation the media has routinely given for Stephen Curry’s surging popularity is he’s “an everyman.” Something like, “Kids see Lebron and they’re like, “I can’t do that.” They see Steph though and they realize, “Ok, I can practice that.” Steph doesn’t jump out of the gym, he’s not 6’10” like Durant, he’s not 250 […]

What’s Lebron James vertical jump?

July 22, 2015


The highest I’ve seen Lebron get is his head to the top of the rim. – It’s possible he can jump higher than this. That he’s only jumped this high in a game because there is no extra benefit in getting higher. But I think this probably right about his limit. In his indefatigable quest to […]