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Steve Kerr deserves major props for how he handles his players’ health

April 22, 2016


Two years ago it was Lebron’s issues with hydration and team USA soccer’s hamstring problems. Last year when discussing How freaky Kyrie Irving’s knee injury was(n’t) I wrote: “What playoff sports also gives is an opportunity to watch how athletes at the highest level are managed. It’s kind of incredible every year there are standout examples of what not to […]

Understanding where Johnny Manziel may be coming from

April 20, 2016


Of late, it seems two roads of thinking have predominated regarding Johnny Manziel: He’s an idiot He has a real problem and urgently needs help This is said about pretty much any player not taking full advantage of their talent. While one or both of the above could be true, based on my experience playing […]

An example of what can be accomplished after meniscus surgery

April 18, 2016


I recently started with someone who just had a partial meniscectomy knee surgery. She was feeling pretty down about things. To lift her spirits some I wanted to show her an example of what can still be accomplished after a surgery like this. I’ve profiled Mike before. He had a bucket handle meniscus tear which […]

Emptying out the mailbag and clearing the history #13

April 15, 2016


Other mailbags can be found here. Keep in mind a lot of this is email conversations, comment replies, or some random interesting things I’ve found. By their nature they are not as thorough or complete as a post on one topic. Here’s what’s covered in this installment: Why aren’t fighter jets painted blue to hide in the sky? Really […]

Steph Curry CAN jump

April 13, 2016


An explanation the media has routinely given for Stephen Curry’s surging popularity is he’s “an everyman.” Something like, “Kids see Lebron and they’re like, “I can’t do that.” They see Steph though and they realize, “Ok, I can practice that.” Steph doesn’t jump out of the gym, he’s not 6’10” like Durant, he’s not 250 […]

Is there about to be a revolution in ACL surgery?

April 6, 2016


I’m listening to some One Direction when my girlfriend comes over, “Have you seen this?” She shows me the following video: She found this while scrolling her Facebook newsfeed. 99% of what’s found on there is more hyperbolic than Mark Zuckerberg thinking he’s connecting everybody, when really we all just want to know if our ex […]

Where AlphaGo and Boston Dynamics are still falling short (putting Lee Sedol’s loss in a different context)

April 4, 2016


Two big things in the world of artificial intelligence have happened recently. This: – And AlphaGo, a computer program, beat Lee Sedol in the game of Go. The accomplishment of the robot is likely obvious. With Go, it’s like when IBM had a computer beat a top rated human chess player. Except Go has way, […]