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Posted on October 18, 2011

(Last Updated On: October 27, 2017)

Fell way behind this but got a bunch of really cool stuff to check out:

6 Most Horrifying Things the Food Industry is Feeding You 

For Older Women, Year Following Hip Fracture can be Especially Deadly -I remember a professor in college talking about how hip fractures are a huge, untalked cause of death in the elderly. The professor mentioned if the initial fracture doesn’t kill them, it is likely the fallout of inactivity from the fracture will then cause the person to get heart disease, then kill them. Not sure how much truth there is to this. The point is lift some weights and get those bones stronger!

Dieters in Weight-Watchers Study Drop up to 15lbs a Year compared to 7lbs for those who only saw their doctor once a month. This speaks to the important element of social support when it comes to losing weight. It’s been shown those who have some consistent, small group support are more successful with weight-loss than those who do not. Another reason for small group training as opposed to only one-on-one training.

Vitamin D Lower in NFL Players who Suffered Muscle Injury  -I’m probably going to write a little bit on Vitamin D at some point in the future but suffice to say you’re deficient in it. Yes, even all my pals in Southern California. Start taking it!

How Exercise Can Strengthen the Brain -So cool.

New News for Dieters: Old Habits Die Hard -Really cool way to lose weight. Lots of potential ways to take this further.

Personal Best: Top athletes and Singers Have Coaches, Should You? -This is a great piece by a very well known surgeon how getting a coach helped him improve his craft. It’s a bit long but the principal is pretty clear: most stand to benefit from having an extra pair of eyes watching them.

As Sports Medicine Surges, Hope and Hype Outpace Proven Treatments –Interesting to note in the picture the talked about girl’s left leg is internally rotated a great deal, which is consistent with poor glute function, which makes one more susceptible to a hamstring strain.

Is Junk Food Really Cheaper? -No.

Battling Bad Science -Great talk with points everyone should be aware of when they hear scientific claims. Very much in line with what my recent post Does the difference matter?

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