Looking at a few stronger clients

Posted on November 13, 2015

(Last Updated On: July 16, 2021)

It’s been a while since I’ve showcased what some people I work with can do.

Here is Malte, who lives in Germany, front squatting 110kg (242lbs), and doing so deep!

Next, overhead pressing 72.5kg (160lbs):

One of my favorite things with Malte is these are videos from within the last month, but I haven’t trained him for 9 months! I worked with him for half a year, and after that, he felt he was good to go on his own. I encouraged him and felt he’d do just fine, but that he was always welcome to hit me up if he needed something, or wanted to start again.

From then on, he’s been able to do what we worked on, put his own flavor into things, and keep getting better. We started out cleaning up some things causing issues, like at the shoulders and lower back. Then we started to push things weight wise once those areas had come along, and then he wanted to put his own twist in there.

You can see he’s done very well! Notice how vertical is overhead press form is. There’s no huge leaning back, no huge lower back arch. It’s clean, and he’s got more in the tank.

Next up is Mike. Mike came to me about a year after his knee arthroscopy, where he had a partial meniscectomy done. He was still having some problems with that knee. His knee extension range of motion needed some significant work, amongst a few other things. After working together for about a year, he decided to go on a cross country bike ride for his summer vacation. (He’s a teacher.) We trained for that for a few months. Here he is halfway:

Mike K Testimonial

And here is at the finish line, with the Statue of Liberty in the background.

Mike K Testimonial 2

You might notice some of the gray hair. Mike is in his 50s!

Last is Keenan. He plays professional football in Canada. From the outset, I knew I’d need to push certain things in order for it to be a challenge. Ala,

One day he randomly did this, nearly giving me a heart attack as the start of the season wasn’t too far away,

I can’t take credit for Keenan’s strength. He was a very strong dude before I ever worked with him. I can take credit for helping him health wise, particularly at the lower body. He originally hit me up for some hip and knee issues, which have held up well this season.

#24 bowling somebody over on punt, then making a sweet tackle on kick off:

(Sorry, youtube is uploading it sideways, and quicktime won’t let me rotate the video.)

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