Push-ups for boobies round 2

Posted on November 5, 2012

(Last Updated On: April 11, 2016)

Last year during October (breast cancer awareness month) I held a little charity event for my clients. You can read about that here: Push ups for boobies. 

A lot of my clients seemed to enjoy it and asked if we were going to do it again. So, we did.

The idea is to bring as many of my clients together for a morning to 1) Meet one another 2) Build some camaraderie 3) Work out a bit.

Last year all we did was the push-up competition. This year I decided to put clients in groups and make a circuit competition as well. The circuit was as follows:

-3 clients to a group

-3 exercises: Tire Flip, Walking Lunges, Med-ball slams. The idea here was to pick 3 exercises that just about everyone could do.

-Each person does 3 exercises. So, Person A tire flips, B lunges, C slams. Next round Person A lunges, B slams, C flips, etc.

-The only wrinkle was each team could divy up the exercises as they chose. So, if they felt like they had one person who would really struggle with lunges, they could have someone else lunge twice and have another person say, slam twice.

-Fastest time wins.

Here are some pictures:































































Some of the team photos:




Winners! Not without controversy though…



Don’t we all.


After this we went to the push-up competition, which Jon took command of again with 130!

Trying to eek one more out. (Yes, I realize his hips are sagging a bit here.)

And of course, I was peer pressured into doing some of my own, with the caveat of a 45 lb. plate.


All told we raised a little over 400 dollars for just a couple hours of fun. (Wayyy more than last year.) This year I donated the money to the UC San Diego Moore Cancer Center. Rather than give the money to a charity at their discretion, I thought it would be better to give directly to a cancer center.

Just in case anyone thought I hoarded the money for my Saturday night festivities.

Til next year-

Breast cancer fundraiser

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