Push-ups for boobies

Posted on October 31, 2011

(Last Updated On: October 27, 2017)

This past weekend I held an impromptu open gym at the Escondido Snap Fitness with my clients for breast cancer. It was meant to be a laid back morning where some clients could meet each other for the first time, raise some money for charity, and get a workout in.

To add a little fun, anyone who wanted to could partake in a push-up competition. I figured I’d throw up a video or two and some pictures from the event as it turned out great. Especially considering I gave everyone 4 days notice!

Here is a video I took once most people arrived. About 25 of my clients were able to make it. Video highlights include Sharon doing flaling leg kicks as her “workout,” Marilynn getting a great “warm-up” consisting of coffee drinking, and my girlfriend, while doing medicine ball slams, saying to me, “I’m picturing throwing the ball at your face.”


Bonnie was the first person to do her push-ups. Bonnie has also lost over 100lbs! Not bad for the first time on the ground! (The depth could be a tad better on some reps…sorry Bonnie, you know I have to keep challenging you 🙂 .)


After Bonnie did her’s not many people went for a while. I was starting to think that most people were just going to come in and do their workout rather than any push-ups.

But then John went, and got 109. Unfortunately I didn’t think to take a video, but Anita got a bunch of pictures:


Feeling good after 109!


Normally you figure you wouldn’t want to follow that performance but next thing just about everybody decided to hop and the ground and give them a go. Here are some good pictures:

Heather and Sharon







Hoss (husband)

Marilynn (wife) trying to eek one more out








I was forced to go with extra weight on my back












Lastly, Jane, who relishes in being the celebrity of the group, was forced to show off (by me, ha!) and see if she could beat her best on glute bridges. Before doing this, with everyone watching, I believe her words were, “Alright, now let me show you all how the diva does it.”

Always one for dramatic expressions

I think she ended up with 345lbs for 6 reps. Eh, could have been better Jane (just kidding):

Overall it went great. I’m thinking about making something like this a regular event and will hopefully be better about coordinating next time. In the end everybody got a good workout, built some camaraderie, and in a couple of hours raised a couple hundred dollars for breast cancer research.

Thanks to everyone who made it and donated!

Due to my “awesome” coordinating skills this is only about half the group.


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