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Technique, technique, technique

April 6, 2018


Every exercise – or movement for that matter – you do is a chance to work on the pain you may be suffering from. Quick way to illustrate this point: Below is a video of a client doing a plank. This client has had on and off foot pain for the past year. Ok, so […]

Understanding why hallux valgus occurs and fixing it without surgery

January 18, 2017

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Below is the table of contents for A Guide to Correcting Hallux Valgus. Afterwards there is the understanding section, which is free. You’ll then find the purchase button to get access to the fixing section, along with more info as to what’s in it. Or if you’re of the “Just tell me what to do […]

Tired of Searching? Click Here To Change Your Movement Now

March 25, 2016


You can click to find out more about each product. All purchases have refund guarantee and direct customer support, from me; not a machine. (Sorry, no soothing hold music.) After buying something, if needed you can reply to the confirmation email to ask a question. None of that annoying “Do Not Reply” or “” stuff. Data […]

Does shockwave therapy have merits?

May 1, 2015

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A client recently asked me about shockwave therapy in the hopes of speeding up the healing process. Shockwave isn’t something I knew much about, so I told them I’d delve into it and see if I came across anything worthwhile. I started with Wikipedia to get a broad sense of the topic. There isn’t much […]

7 very common movement issues, and how to work on them

November 18, 2014


This is one of two introductions to two manuals of mine. (More on those below.) The first introduction is here. – 1) Excessive neck extension Rather than the neck stay straight, It tends to extend: Example A common instance where this would happen is when raising the arm. – Possible associated issues Neck pain Headaches […]

That Chi running study…

June 26, 2013


On a recent post someone left this comment: “People need to relearn how to walk. Chi Walking and Chi Running does just that. You’ve gotta look into it!” Because I’ve received four comments, not counting ones I’ve deleted, telling me to check out Chi running, I replied: Dear Chi / Wholistic running people, If any of you […]

Can foot pain and hip pain be related?

February 1, 2013


I edited the emails for brevity and I’ve bolded what I deem most important. From an email exchange: “Brian, Seriously. Your Blog is awesome. I found you last night while searching for TFL stretches, which in fact, truly is the Best stretch. Kudos to you. I just finished reading your article on lateral pelvic tilt. […]

Why you’re still in pain

August 8, 2012


You’ve been doing all your exercises. You feel confident in your plan. Perhaps you’ve stumbled upon what “anterior pelvic tilt” means and think you finally found what’s causing your lower back pain. Or you’ve discovered what the rotator cuff is and you’re strengthening it. Or you’ve realized how awful your bench press form is. You’ve […]