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There’s no need to squeeze your glutes at the top of a deadlift / swing / good morning / hip hinge

October 9, 2017


A hip hinge is leaning over and standing up. Could be a good morning, deadlift, or swing exercise, Quite a few of the bigger names in the fitness industry have pushed this notion of everybody’s glutes are inactive. Therefore, everyone needs to squeeze the shit out of their glutes when they exercise. The hip hinge […]

A short muscle doesn’t equal a strong muscle

March 3, 2014


A mindset I’ve been trying like hell to get people out of is the, “Long =weak; short = strong” muscle view. Where people go, “Ok, this is tight, it must be too strong; I need to stretch it and not strengthen it. Ok, this is weak, it must be too long; I need to strengthen […]

Rethinking how and why you’re training your glutes

November 20, 2013


One of the changes the internet has done to fitness programs is give people a greater focus on training their glutes. It started as, “Need to get faster? Train your glutes!” Then, “Knee pain? Work your glutes!” “Lower back pain? Squeeze those glutes!” There are certainly some merits here, but, now it seems to be […]