The other side of “logical eating” (Paleo and CrossFit nonsense)

Posted on February 6, 2012

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2018)

This post stems from certain groups, like CrossFit, who state phrases to the tune of,

“Eat like a caveman! If a caveman couldn’t kill it or pick it, then we shouldn’t eat it! We weren’t designed to eat man made foods! Sugar is the devil!”

The advent of agriculture is essentially shunned and blamed for all our current health issues.

At first glance you may think,

“Hmm, that makes sense. I mean, you can’t kill a Big Mac, and Big Macs are unhealthy.”

Then you start to apply this logic to other areas…

-Well, were we designed to drive cars?

-Surely cavemen never looked into a computer screen

-Cavemen didn’t wear clothing. If they did, it was minimal.

-Antibiotics weren’t around for cavemen. I probably shouldn’t take them, right?

-When the hell did a caveman use as a toothbrush?

-A caveman probably didn’t have access to a sink so he could clean his hands before he ate

So, following this “logic,” you should also

-start walking to work, even if it’s 20 miles

-never look at a computer screen, even if that’s how you make a living

-This should all be done naked, unless you have access to wild animal hide to cover you up (buffalo is preferable)

-Antibiotics are a huge no-no, even if they’ll save your life

-You should take pride in missing a few rotted out teeth, and eating with dirty hands is healthy

Sound ridiculous yet?

Next, the advent of agriculture took place 10,000 years ago. Up until the last 40 years or so, the world had issues with a lack of food. Shit, plenty of the world still has this issue. It’s only recently abundance has been a big health concern.

So, we have had refined food for let’s say over 9 thousand years. We’ve had health issues for 40 years. Somehow refined foods are just now the culprit for all of our health issues? Why weren’t they “causing” obesity a 100 or 200 years ago?

Also, agriculture is what allowed us to generate an abundance of food. Take away agriculture and how the hell are you going to feed everyone? With hopes and dreams?

You know what, I’m sure if you went out and hunted all your food, stopped driving and walked everywhere, you would lose weight. You’d also hate your life and probably be dead at 40. Hey, that’s the caveman lifestyle.

The point is when it comes to nutrition, and probably life in general, people love to argue with only the points convenient for their argument. Neglecting to mention all the other horrible, asinine aspects. Make sure you take these into account the next time someone tells you how to eat.

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