Treat The Cause, Not The Symptom

Posted on March 16, 2018

(Last Updated On: March 16, 2018)

Everybody knows somebody who has gone through cancer. My Mom was diagnosed four years ago with breast cancer.

For those of you who have been around the initial diagnosis and or the treatment process, you’ve probably seen the general fatigue a cancer patient has. Of course, the patient wants to get rid of this fatigue so they mention this to their oncologist. The oncologist recommends the patient drink more caffeine and go about their life.

See how retarded that sounded?

It’s pretty obvious prescribing caffeine to a cancer patient as a remedy for their fatigue is not going to solve anything. They’ll feel better for a little bit, then the fatigue will set in again, so they’ll drink more caffeine, keep doing this over and over, and then eventually die. However, getting rid of the tumor and the cancer will solve something.

Start looking at solving chronic musculoskeletal pain as a means of fixing the movement impairment (tumor) instead of the inflammation (fatigue) and you start to realize how asinine “just rest, take some Advil (caffeine), throw some ice on it, etc.” sounds as a treatment.  You’ll feel better for a little bit, then be in pain again, do this over and over, eventually get a joint replacement, have surgery, be debilitated, hate exercise (from the pain), get heart disease, and eventually die.

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