60 seconds or less: Workout motivation

Posted on February 11, 2019

(Last Updated On: February 11, 2019)

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“How do I get more motivated?”

Accept all your excuses are nonsense.

I’ve heard them all. It’s always either,

  1. younger => “don’t need to exercise”
  2. middle aged => “too busy”
  3. older => “gonna take it easy”

They’re always bullshit. I’ve never heard one rational excuse why a person should voluntarily take 5+ years off their life and god knows how much quality of life by being sedentary.

Pregnant? Cancer? You should be exercising.

“I have irritable bowel syndrome.”

Exercise helps that too!

This delusion of,

“It’s the holidays.”


“it’s January, catching up on work,”

Turns into,

“busy season at work”


“summer time, crazy with kids.”


“school started, getting back on schedule.”

Hey, then it’s the holidays again!

What you’ve meant to say is,

“Blahdy fucking blah.”

You’re either the kind of person who is going to take care of themselves or you’re not. 

“I have to watch my kids.”

Be that parent, or be the one with the jogging stroller.

“I can’t run.”

Give up that easily, or get a bike with a kid trailer.

Nobody cares or believes why you don’t brush your teeth, least of all biology. Do it or have nasty teeth. Same goes for the rest of your body.

Note: Please don’t take this as no excuse is ever valid to miss a gym session. I have clients; I’m not Hitler with them if they have a funeral to go to. I have kids; I don’t judge a client for missing a session to stay home with their sick kid.. I’m talking about the perpetual excuses. The person who has a “sick kid” every other week.

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