60 seconds or less: Yoga

Posted on April 1, 2019

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2019)
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Should I do yoga?

  • You want to be careful in classes. That’s when people often do too much, too soon, because they watch others, get inspired or feel peer pressure.
  • While many could go for more flexibility, more is not always better. An ankle sprain is the ankle being stretched too intensely. Hypermobility can be just as bad as too little, like a shoulder which easily dislocates. Yoga gravitates towards stretching the hell out of everything. While one area of your body might need more flexibility, another area may need less!
  • You’re likely to see people with mobility you could only dream of. For many, this is not a matter of stretching and practicing; it’s their body is not built that way. Some have deeper hip sockets than others, insuring they’ll never do a split. Their bones literally move into one another, preventing it. (Hip dysplasia -very shallow sockets allowing (too much) mobility- is common in ballet dancers. They’re built for flexibility…and are known for orthopedic problems.)
That said, I’m generally for more activity. Plus, many yoga instructors are great about not pushing people too far and modifying movements. You just don’t want to go in there trying to compete with anybody.

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