An example of improving hip pain during squatting

Posted on July 22, 2016

(Last Updated On: July 22, 2016)

Calvin asked about the remote client process in August 2015. Here are some things he wrote when answering the questionnaire:

“-What currently hurts (if anything)?

My main issue is with my inner hips (inside of the thigh, high up towards the groin region). I experience pain and tightness, usually keep on alternating on each side at a time after intense activity.

Also my left ankle range of motion is poor due to an ankle injury playing soccer in 2011. I experience slight pain on the outer side and tightness in the Achilles when I dorsi-flex.

However I do not know if this can be related to the hip issues I’m facing.

-When does it hurt? Be very specific. “During the day” isn’t sufficient. When during the day? What time of day? What movements? When during those movements?

Mainly while I perform squats. I usually feel tightness in one side of the inner hips at a time. After a few reps I feel a dull pain. The wider stance I take, the more prominent is the tightness/pain in the inner hip/thigh. Also the lower I try to go the more I feel the tightness and strain.

Second is when I play soccer and perform a lot of lower body lateral movements.

The pain usually appears few hours after the workout or the game (mainly the morning after or sometimes even after close to 48 hours) accompanied with muscle soreness.

If I don’t perform the same movements or play soccer for a couple of days or reduce the intensity, the hip pain reduces to almost zero.

-What seems to make you worse?

I would have to say my hips feels worse by forcing my body to squat properly and hit depth using proper technique even without any weight. Also if I tend to do an intense leg work out which includes squatting, lunges, deadlifts. Or if I play soccer on 2-3 consecutive days.

If you’re having issues with pain, how has it affected your life?

Mainly it had limited my ability to exercise and work-out as much as I would like to. I tend to take frequent days off because of being scared to aggravate the hip issues.

Also it causes me neglect training my legs as they take longer to recover from activity.

What are your goals?

Improve lower body flexibility, mobility and strength especially in the calves, glutes and inner thighs

I weigh around 63 Kgs, so I would like to put on more muscle mass but with a main focus on legs and then core strength”

Here is Calvin after a few months,

Calvin testimonial

Here is what he’s been able to do over a few more months-

Box Squat-

RDL (Romanian deadlift)-

Calvin liked to workout out of his apartment complex, which doesn’t have barbells and only goes up to 50lb dumbbells. No problem. There are always ways to make things work.

-> We actually started doing barbell work this past week, as he just started at a new gym. So far, so good.

After getting situated with some corrective exercises, working on various technique changes e.g. how he was squatting, with exercises like squats and deadlifts we first progressed things more rep wise, going upwards of 20 reps. Then we focused more on weight, getting upwards of 100lbs.

-> You can still gain muscle with high reps! Doesn’t have to be 8 and under or whatever.

As that became easier, we progressed to some single leg work. Now, suddenly there is potential to double the weight on one leg. (Though I wouldn’t recommend to do that suddenly. Takes a little practice to get used to the balance.)-

Because getting back to soccer was a big goal for Calvin, after the hips had been feeling good for a while we implemented more and more jump exercises-

It’s really hard to mimic sports like soccer in a gym, but jumping gets the job done to some degree. You’ll notice the jumps above involve different changes of direction too. That’s more similar to soccer than only jumping straight up and down.

Lastly, here is some ab and upper body work, showing him flexing his hips a good deal in the process-

Calvin’s been back playing soccer for a while now. Just in time to really get after it with summer here!

He did this all through the remote client process. Check it out.

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