Example of how looking a certain way won’t solve all your problems

Posted on December 13, 2012

(Last Updated On: April 11, 2016)
Maybe I have your attention this time.

Maybe I have your attention this time.

A couple of months ago I wrote a post Why you’re still having issues with your weightIn that post I detailed a specific type of person and scenario whereby losing weight in order to accomplish a particular “look” rarely ends up satisfying people like they think it will.

I know to a lot of people this is not relatable. Many hear things like this and go “Oh yeah, being attractive and getting attention is so terrible. Boo hoo. Tough life.” And then they throw up the middle finger.

My main point with the article however, was not that it’s not beneficial to look a certain way, or you shouldn’t strive to do so. Rather, my point was, and is, looking a particular way almost never solves the problems people think it will solve. In the post I mentioned how confidence, how one feels about themself, etc. are often cited reasons for losing weight; yet good looking people are some of the most insecure people you will ever come across.

(The reasons for their goals aren’t meeting reality. And when reality eventually hits, people often go back to where they started. Completely ignoring other factors, like how being at a lower weight might have dramatically improved their long-term health!)

Again, a lot of people can’t relate to this, just don’t want to hear it, or don’t think it applies to them.

Therefore, watch this TED talk. It is by Cameron Russell (pictured above), a Victoria’s Secret Angel, and listen to what she says about the modeling industry. Most importantly, listen to what she says the last few minutes…the part about how insecure she and all her model friends are!

If you don’t want to listen to me, a tall white dude (a legacy unto itself), then listen to her.

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