Example of improving a low shoulder

Posted on August 18, 2013

(Last Updated On: April 6, 2016)

I’ve written about the problems of a low shoulder here, here, hereand here. 

I wanted to give a quick example of someone who corrected this issue. Here is Neal when he first started with me:

low right shoulder

Neal Front With Lines

And ~6 weeks later:

Neal Pickering After Front 1

Neal Pickering After Front 1 with shoulder line

Neal Front With Lines

Neal Pickering After Front 1 with shoulder line

That’s a fantastic change. Great job Neal. Keep up the good work.

Train with me.

I want to mention Neal was already working with someone else on his diet and strength training before starting with me. You’ll notice he made some nice body composition changes during this process as well. Not an easy task. His coach, Menno, did a great job of taking my suggestions into consideration while keeping Neal’s other goals in mind. Menno’s website is http://mennohenselmans.com/

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